Mobile App Store Wars: Survival of the Fittest [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

Mobile App Store Wars

There is a continual race to the mobile app finish line to be crowned king of market share. We now have come up with an infographic to explain to you who is king of the hill and who is rapidly reaching the top in this ever-growing business in 2012.

As an advertiser, marketer, developer or a consumer, all of us play an essential part in the mobile application development business. Tech enthusiasts strive hard to keep a close eye on market share and new technologies that keep the wheels of the app world oiled and prosperous as apps have grown to be a daily norm for almost all of us.

The marketing and design team over at LeadBolt has now have come up with the infographic, Mobile App Store Wars: Survival of the Fittest, profiling the top 3 stores: Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store showing market earnings and leads in the mobile apps business. We hope you will find the data of use:

Mobile App Store Wars Infographic