Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 Release Date: 26th October

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Microsoft Confirms Windows 8 Release Date: 26th October

Microsoft on Wednesday has confirmed that Windows 8 will be released to the public on 26th October 2012. This announcement was made during Microsoft’s annual sales meeting by Steven Sinofsky, the President of Microsoft’s Windows division. The firm explained the importance of this release as it is the most important redesign of the interface in more than a decade.

Microsoft Windows 8 includes an interface primarily designed for tablet PC, which is named by the company as Metro. The software will replace Windows 7 which has sold over 525 million copies since it was released three years ago.

The Windows 8 Metro interface has borrowed much from Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, while Microsoft has also re-designed the traditional ‘Start’ button, which is being replaced with a much more angular design. It’s colour changes depending on which theme a user chooses. The Start menu has become now a customizable home screen.  The start button is no longer a permanent fixture even in the desktop version of Windows 8.

As Microsoft is now working on its own tablet PC aka Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 will work as an important key for Microsoft to give a tough time to Apple and Google for their dominance in the category of tablets.

Microsoft has already released three trial versions of Windows 8 before the launch of the final version. The purpose of all these pre-releases was to make Windows 8 more compatible, user-friendly and ‘the most tested’ Windows version yet. The Windows 8 Release Preview was the most recent version that got released last month and included almost every important feature of Windows 8.

You can download Windows 8 Release Preview for free to check out Windows 8 right now.

Gabriel Aul, Director of Windows Programme Management, said:

“The release preview software was all of what will be in the final product in terms of big features”.

He added, however, that colours and themes were yet to be finalized.

By the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft will offer a single cross platform operating system that could power Desktop PCs, Mobile devices and Tablets alike.

Let’s have a look at how Windows 8 looks: