Maya Khan Fired From Samaa TV Amid Massive Social Media Backlash

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 24th, 2019

Maya Khan Fired From Samaa TV

Popular morning show TV host Maya Khan has been fired along with all of her team after she failed to offer an unconditional public apology for her recent controversial episode in which she raided a public park in Karachi and asked young couples about their marital status and whether their families were aware of their relationship or not.


According to The Express Tribune Blog,  Maya Khan has herself confirmed the news of her dismissal. According to the report, CEO Samaa TV wrote an email to Maya which stated:

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 12:28 PM, “Zafar Siddiqi” wrote:

Dear All

Your feedback is appreciated.As a responsible corporate citizen, Samaa TV did what was required under the circumstances. We do not and have not in the past or intend to in the future to take our viewership or reporting requirements without the seriousness that they deserve.

You would appreciate that as an organisation with a functioning management team, we had to conduct certain legal requirements over the past week and internal review processes (which are operational in nature) before proceeding further.

As a result of which I can inform you:

  1. We asked Maya to apologise unconditionally which she did not.
  2. The CEO asked her to do that on friday which she refused.

As a result of which the following will be put in place on Monday,Jan 30th.

  1. Maya and her team will receive termination notices.
  2. Her show is being stopped from Monday morning.

Our deeds and actions taken since this episode occured are there for the record and hope this will settle issues as far as the station is concerned.

A lot has been written about the race for ratings. Well, we do absolve such behaviour irrespective of ratings that the show was getting.

With best regards and thank you for your understanding.

Zafar Siddiqi

Chairman CNBC Arabiya

Chairman CNBC Africa

President CNBC Pakistan

Social Media Backlash:
The episode that got aired on 17th January caused a national stir and attracted a massive social media backlash with majority of the people calling it a severe invasion of individual privacy. Some even called it a blunt disregard of journalism ethics as Maya Khan at various occasions during the live raid lied to the couples about the camera and the microphone being off.

As soon as the episode concluded, Facebook got bombarded by hundreds and thousands of various memes (images, videos, etc. that are passed online from one user to another) that ridiculed the act. Some of the most popular ones are embedded below:

maya khan meme

maya khan meme

maya khan meme

maya khan meme

maya khan meme

maya khan meme

maya khan meme

Source: The Sarri-alist Movement

Some argued about her dancing videos and some even posted personal pictures of Maya Khan which showed her getting cozy with some “censored” guys. One album containing dozens of such pictures got viral:

maya khan meme

maya khan controversial pictures

Source: Media Mug International

YouTube also got flooded with various parody videos, two of which are embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to express yourself in the comments section below!