15 Marvel Characters Stolen from DC Comics

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7. Thunderbolts (Suicide Squad)

Thunderbolts VS Suicide Squad

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From individual superheroes to superhero teams, Marvel takes every opportunity to learn from their competition and come up with a similar thing of their own. When DC came up with a supervillain team comprising of secondary characters, Marvel introduced a similar team 38 years later.

The group has tons of similarities that can be pointed out, notably featuring a primary member expert in bow and arrow as Suicide Squad has Deadshot and Thunderbolts has Bullseye. As the most striking similarity, both supervillain groups have worked under the orders of government.


6. Sandman (Clayface)

 Sandman VS Clayface

Sometimes, Marvel cannot even pull-off a proper theft rightly. If you are going to steal a character, at least equip him with enough stuff to make sure the similarities are not too clear. That was the case when Marvel stole DC’s villain Clayface to create Sandman.

After experiencing dirt-related accidents – Sandman encountering sand and Clayface encountering clay – both were endowed with shape shifting powers and resorted to a life of crime with the only difference being that the former debuted 16 years before the latter.


5. Deadpool (Deathstroke)

Deadpool VS Deathstroke

Marvel pretty much confirmed that they have a habit of stealing from DC when they created Deadpool – an extremely obvious knock-off of DC’s supervillain Deathstroke. From his costume to weapon of choice, the two characters are basically the same thing in terms of appearance.

In fact, one of the co-creators of Deadpool remarked “this is Deathstroke from Teen Titans” after seeing the finished product. The games do not end there as Deadpool was given the real name of Wade Wilson to give the idea that he might be “related” to Deathstroke whose real name is Slade Wilson.


4. Quicksilver (The Flash)

Quicksilver VS The Flash

The inevitable character schemes are a fun topic for Marvel as the famous comic book company has an eye for spotting potential in a superpower. That is where DC’s Flash comes in as the character made every reader’s jaw drop because of his unique ability to run superfast.

Debuting in 1940, the Flash established himself as the fastest man alive and it was just a matter of time when Marvel came up with a character similar to it. In 1964, Marvel introduced a mutant named Quicksilver whose special ability was – you guessed it – super speed.


3. Mr. Fantastic (Elongated Man)

Mr Fantastic VS Elongated Man

Ralph Dibny aka Elongated Man is a lesser known character of the famed comic book company despite being a member of Justice League on three different occasions but was special enough to grab the attention of rival company Marvel.

With the ability to stretch his body to great lengths and being an exceptionally great scientist, Marvel took the entire idea from Elongated Man and repackaged him as an original character by the name of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. Nothing more fantastic than stealing, right?


2. Thanos (Darkseid)

Thanos VS Darkseid

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As a very rare occasion, Thanos’ creator Jim Starlin actually admitted that his character is heavily influenced by DC’s Darkseid but insisted that his early iterations of the god were quite different and it was editor Roy Thomas who asked him to “Beef him up! If you’re going to steal one of the New Gods, at least rip off Darkseid, the really good one!”

Apart from apparently spending eternities sitting in a giant chair, both characters share several superpowers such as superhuman strength, telekinesis, teleportation and being the biggest and most powerful villain of their separate universe.


1. The Avengers (Justice League)

Astounded by the sales of DC’s Justice League, veteran comic book artist Stan Lee was asked to create a similar team consisting of superheroes for Marvel as he recalls, “If the Justice League is selling, why don’t we put out a comic book that features a team of superheroes?”

Exactly like the Justice League, Avengers was team of pre-existing superheroes working together and it was basically the same thing only being three years apart. Furthermore, the success of the Justice League prompted Marvel to create another superhero team with original members. That team was none other than the Fantastic Four.