Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Profile Hacked

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook profile hacked

It looks like we have another addition in the already stretched list of Facebook failures, as the personnel account of Facebook founder aka Mark Zuckerberg has been hacked. The hacker broke into Zuck’s account and made several of his private photos public. The exploit that the hacker targeted was really simple – all you gotta do is to report a user’s photo to Facebook as having nudity or pornography and then Facebook magically gives you access to that user’s private photos in his stream (that’s easy), WAIT don’t try this as Facebook already has taken care of this glitch. However, the damage has already been done and various private creepy photos of Zuckerberg are out in the wild now.

Here’s what Facebook officials told Gizmodo about the whole incident:

“Earlier today, we discovered a bug in one of our reporting flows that allows people to report multiple instances of inappropriate content simultaneously. The bug allowed anyone to view a limited number of another user’s most recently uploaded photos irrespective of the privacy settings for these photos. This was the result of one of our recent code pushes and was live for a limited period of time. Upon discovering the bug, we immediately disabled the system, and will only return functionality once we can confirm the bug has been fixed.”

This definitely won’t bother Zuck much as Facebook is in a habit of getting ridiculed on privacy and security issues.

Check out all the leaked images.