Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X – Which is Better?

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 23rd, 2019

Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X

With over a year going into development between HTC and Microsoft the launch of the Windows Phone 8X has been much anticipated. But upon evaluating WP8, it surely wouldn’t be wrong to say that they should have “done better”. Microsoft has a lot of advantages in the tech world. Their capacity to throw cash around and to enter markets is second to none. However, they are late to this party and they will have to catch up fast if they want to gain credibility at the top end of the market place. Nokia, with the Lumia 920 shows them how it should be done. Despite going for quite a bulky design, Nokia is able to maintain ergonomic comfort and practicality while delivering innovation in bucket loads. Let’s start with our Nokia Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X comparison, shall we!

Nokia’s image stabilization, sensitive touch layer, and ClearBlack filter to name a few, are some real innovations. Nokia lovers will be pleased with the Nokia Lumia 920, nay ecstatic. Microsoft doesn’t really have a following in the smartphone market like Apple and so has had to partner with a big name, in HTC. They have gone for a light, skinny and brightly colored phone.

They have followed the trend that less is more. However, they have put the lock at the top, which on a big phone makes it difficult to reach one-handed (an issue similar to what users experience with HTC DROID DNA – which otherwise is an incredible mobile phone). Nokia on the other hand sensibly puts the buttons on the right.



The Lumia 920 has a slightly bigger screen than the WP8 coming in at 4.5 inches against 4.3 inches. Both displays are good when viewed at extreme angles, perform well outside (the Nokia a little better) and have comparable pixel density and picture quality.



The Lumia 920’s capacity to be operated sensitively, and with gloves, due to the touch layer technology is impressive; a brilliant innovation indeed. In many ways, the two smartphones are comparable in quality. Users might not get the WP8 though as DROID DNA is just too good compared to it and perhaps the relationship between Microsoft and HTC has included some tussles. So in our Lumia 920 vs Windows Phone 8X comparison, Lumia 920 wins by a wide margin.

Microsoft needs to do better to make an impact. Their footing in the software industry will give them advantages, but we have seen from the impact that Apple has had that consistency in brand, and iconic designs are what will get you a market share.

Let’s see what the next offering from Microsoft has to offer in terms of the design they choose. If they get it wrong then we could be looking at a swift exit from the market. Google, on the other hand, has also done a good job with their Nexus 4!