London Chosen as Intel’s Futuristic City Testbed

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 19th, 2019

London becomes Intel's Futuristic City Testbed

Popular microchip producers Intel has set up a science lab in London whose main purpose is to trial new upcoming technologies that could power cities around the world for the future. The main aim of this lab is not to just test theories behind closed doors but to apply real-world variables and find technologies to enhance the life of the inhabitants of the city.

Intel doesn’t plan on venturing into the world of futuristic London on its own and is partnering with two of the top London universities; Imperial College London and University College London. Although inevitably the project will expand, initially only a dozen researchers will be working at the association.

According to research, within the next 40 years most of the world’s population will be living in cities. With such an increase in urbanization, cities will need to find quicker, smarter and better ways to accommodate the vast number of people, with minimum impact on the environment as a whole. London was chosen by Intel for a couple of reasons, firstly it is the world’s fifth-largest city and secondly, the immensely diverse nature of London’s culture makes it a perfect place to test external integration.

Although this entire development may seem highly technical and available on a need to know basis only amongst the top of the elite scientists, there’s nothing like that at all. The project will be led by ordinary people at the heart of the project. From day one the scientists will be working with anthropologists to ensure the social needs of the people are accounted for first, and the technology works around the social structure.

The institute already has great ideas in place for projects they want to work on. One such project is building a central hub network of sensors that bring data regarding traffic, air quality, water supply, and other such variables, from around the city, and having a central access station for this information.

The vast amount of data they are projecting to store is colossal, and a great place to start testing the centre’s first study for such colossal data will be the summer Olympics. London will probably be as busy as it has ever been this summer which makes a great platform for these scientists to start recording data and planning future projects.

Scientists are hopeful that this will turn out to be a great way to step forward into the future of technology. By keeping the people in the center of attention from initial stages of the project, the new advancements will integrate into the current society flawlessly.

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