Keyword Versus Key Phrase: What is Best For SEO

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON April 2nd, 2014

Keyword Versus Key Phrase

The endless debate on keyword versus key phrase could is really mind boggling and can drive a person completely mad because there is some confusion how each can help attract traffic. Anyone who writes SEO based content will tell you that the best kind of traffic is organic; meaning that the billions of users that type their query into the search box will click on your site. Although how much effort should a user dwell on the keywords or key phrases. The answer is 95% of your content should focus on a variety of both types; there is a way to design an entire article that contains both keywords and key phrases or long tail keywords.


Keyword Versus Key Phrase: How Long Tail Keywords Secure Your Ranking

Some SEO experts will rely on users misspelling their search term and suggest SEO beginners to include a variety of misspelled keywords along with the correct ones.  One could take the extended time to research the commonly misspelled versions of their original content; however, the more productive aspect is researching how a user might search their niche with a phrase rather than one or two words.

If you were to take a four to five word phrase that you commonly use within your website and use that as a tag, which seems to attract more organic traffic over a single keyword. For example; let’s say your site is about cooking but more importantly it is about a certain type of seasonal method of cooking. If you have about 40 articles that center around grilling, then there are certain long tail keyword phrase that will land you more traffic.

Many people who search the net or search engines are finding that they have to get very specific on what they type in the search boxes in order to find relevant results.  So if you were to take a common key phrase and “market” that instead of a popular keyword; chances are you will attract the right kind of organic traffic to your site.

Why get lost in the millions of sites that use the same element when you can hone in on 10,000 views per month?  In the end Google will see your site as a valuable reference and will eventually rank yours over the competition.


How to Create Long Tail Keywords

If you use , Google Analyticshen this will be a good way to choose from your single keywords and change them into long tail keywords.  Think about the top keywords that bring you traffic then create phrases among those no longer than five words.

Do a Google search with those SEO keyword phrases in quotation marks and analyze the results. Next, go back to your content and plug in those key phrase at least five times per 500 words in bold; then tag those key phrases.