Kaka Becomes the First Athlete in the World to Garner 10 Million Twitter Followers

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 6th, 2019

kaka with 10 million twitter followers

Soccer is the hottest and the most played game on the planet and when it comes to social networking sites like Twitter, it definitely doesn’t fall behind in the popularity contest. Speaking of a popularity contest, the 30 years old, Brazilian footballer Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite (better known as Kaka to the soccer community throughout the world) has set a benchmark for other athletes to follow. The attacking midfielder today has become the first athlete in the world to garner a total of ten million Twitter followers. It was observed this Monday that, the decorated Real Madrid‘s player, was only 30,000 fans short of the 10 million mark. Given the momentum of last week in which his fan base increased by more than 35,000 fans in a single day twice (as revealed by the stats site TwitterCounter), Kaka easily reigned supreme and achieved the feat today.

When taking a look into the global perspective, Kaka holds the 17th spot in the list of the most followed Twitter profiles. The first two spots are held by the singers Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who amazingly have more than twenty million followers each. However, seeing things sports-wise, Kaka holds the top spot. The second spot is held by none other than Kaka’s Real Madrid’s teammate Cristiano Ronaldo – whose not much behind him as he currently holds the 21st spot in the overall list.

The key reason behind Kaka’s quick fan base boost might be his ability to tweet in Spanish, Portuguese and the English language. Moreover, Kaka updates his Twitter profile himself a couple of times daily. He also posts his photos with teammates and photos of his soccer gear. What really makes his account unique is the fact that he sometimes even replies to his fans personally.

Bravo @KAKA !