Jetpack Joyride Makes its Way to Facebook

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

jetpack joyride facebook

The leading social network that certainly needs no introduction, Facebook has done almost everything to please its users. It has become the world’s most used website for some reason after all. Thanks to Halfbrick Studios, Facebook today has given another great reason to rejoice as the immensely popular iOS game Jetpack Joyride, starring the funny menace, is now also a part of Facebook games too.

The Facebook version of the game is currently a “beta” and like the iOS version, it is free to play. The original iOS version of the game has to date garnered more than 25 million downloads via iTunes.

In Jetpack Joyride, a player gets the opportunity to take control of a silly character who intends to intrude a laboratory to steal a jetpack in order to collect coins, dodge missiles, earn strength boasters and have fun with springs. The game is extremely addictive and it’s a definite swell way to lose some steam.

It should be recalled that Halfbrick is the very same company that introduced the ever-popular ‘Fruit Ninja’ series and various other popular titles which feature Barry Steakfries as a playable character. The CMO of Halfbrick studios enthusiastically said:

“The active and casual nature of Facebook gaming allows us to do even more with the beloved franchise and focus on the game’s addictive competitive elements and endless replay-ability.”

Jetpack Joyride for Facebook allows you to challenge your Facebook friends seamlessly (and yes of course without any need of any ‘Game Center’ account).

Facebook has been quite active recently importing various popular games into itself. Major successful inclusions include The Sims Social and Fruit Ninja Frenzy.

Here’s a nice video review of the iOS version of the game, enjoy!