It’s Time To Remove Unused Programs From Your PC

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 5th, 2023
It's Time to Remove Unused Programs from Your PC

Knowing when it’s time to remove unused programs from your PC is essential in helping it run more efficiently. Old pictures, videos, music, games, software, and documents all take up vital memory as well as affect speed. Even though you may have no worries with disc space coming in at a terabyte or more, many new software programs not only eat up disc space but also include “helper” programs. These helpers steal from your CPUs (Central Processing Units a/k/a computer processing power) taking energy from applications and slowing them down. Here are a few red flag warnings for you to know when it is time to clean up your system:

Note: Be sure and back up all your work before attempting to remove any programs!



If you are finding that your computer speed is taking more than three full seconds to open up your web browser, removing some unused programs should help.


Desktop Clutter

If your desktop is crammed with icon after icon chances are you have too many files demanding precious memory. Take a look at everything you are displaying and re-assess its importance.

If they are shortcuts they are usually not a memory drainer but if these are full files they can be a big waste.


Flashing Hard Drive

When you open a file, if your hard drive light flashes and flickers this could be an indication of unnecessary files demanding a response while you wait longer for your commanded action.

When this is happening it is another warning sign of unused programs dragging down your system.


Compromised Visual Effects

Such things as fading menus and animated windows can become compromised when your PC is struggling with other issues. Take a look at how the visual effects are behaving.

If they are running sluggishly and slowly, it probably means you need to delete some files.


Freeze Frame

A frozen screen always seems to happen in the middle of an important e-mail, Skype, or PowerPoint project. If your computer is frequently freezing up it may mean that background files are continually draining essential memory.



If pop-up ads are coming out of nowhere more and more, this is a definite indication of a needed removal of unused programs.


No Room for New Files

Trying to download new files and receiving an error message informing you of not having enough memory means you have to get rid of some unused programs.


Bottom Right-Hand Icons

Your computer will often show you files that are running in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. If you do not recognize these icons or notice that you do not need certain ones, it is time to delete them.

The above ‘red flags’ are easy ways to know it’s time to remove unused programs from your PC. To do this, use an uninstall program in your ‘add or remove programs’ folder in your control panel, a defragment request, and/or the disk cleanup option under system tools.

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