Is The World Really Going To End In December 2012?

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Is The World Really Going To End In December 2012?

There are always many things that many people expect in every New Year. However, much hype has hit this year. Many people claim that the world is going to end in 2012, a hype that has been all over the planet for quite a time now. The humankind survived such scenario in the year 2000. Many sold their properties, left their jobs and also suffered from such unexpected predictions but nothing happened.

Many say you cannot cheat death, but many did so in 2000. Perhaps in many instances, the frequent question that is disturbing their subconscious is that; Is the world really going to end in 2012? Indeed, this is a question that needs answers for the benefit of a large group of believers.


The Short Answer

The shortest answer that you can give such staunch believers is NO. Human beings have no capabilities to know and understand how the world will end or when it will perish and if you are worried and frustrated that the earth is going to end then you need to relax.

There have been many predictions about the doomsday, but they have all been proven wrong and untrue. Hence, this can be also another unnecessary crab the human race is being brainwashed with. So, is the world going to end in 2012? The answer is NO and this must be put into consideration.


What Will Happen In December?

The predictions that December 21st is the end date are mainly drawn from two picky and peculiar ideas. The first prediction is that Earth is going to collide with a distant planet referred to as Nubiru. The other prediction is that the calendar of Mayans, which is an ancient civilization, is at the closing stages and this will happen on December 21st.

It is necessary to look at each prediction and see how sure we should be about the scenarios that may bring the world to an end. Scenarios such as the collision of the Earth with a planet called Nubiri or with a black hole or the passing asteroid may be true to many believers, but how true can this prediction be.

This idea of the Planet X or Nubiri colliding with Earth has appeared since 1995. It was also predicted that the end will come in 2003 as referred by the predictions.

This idea came from claims that there will be an invasion by alien beings but this has been widely scoffed at. Astronomers were the first ones to ridicule such suggestions saying that any object close to the earth as such, would be easy to see as you look up at the sky. Additionally, there is no such planet as Nubiri; this is just a creation by proponents of doomsday.

Mayan also predicted that the world will end in 2012 mainly with one of their calendars. The Mayan civilization existed from 250-900 A.D and many scholars have been able to make out a lot of predictions about doomsday from their calendar. Proponents or believers of doomsday have made a Long Count and December 21 has fallen as the end date.

Other predictions that have been made from religious writings, mainly based on numbers. Other believers say the Earth will perish from the tsunami, the collision of the earth with meteorites or an alien invasion and so on. These were the main factors that make people ask about the end of the world in 2012.

We hope we’ve made it clear that we don’t buy into the notion that the world is going to end on December 2012. However, it can be a lot of fun discussing this subject. 

We’ll all be looking back at this subject with a lot of humor in January 2013.