Is Learning Facebook Graph Search Important?

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 22nd, 2019

learning Facebook Graph Search

Facebook has been always been a great social media for a number of years and it is working for making things more easy and comfortable for the end-user. For this purpose, it has always tried hard to make things better on the face and beyond the face as well. As we all know that Facebook Graph Search was announced earlier this year, but some of us might still not be aware of its exact purpose. In a nutshell, it is just an advanced search tool that will let you find your friends, photos, and places in a much better way. It is, in fact, a multitude of method of finding and discovering things (related to your connections) by much lesser effort or specific information.  Here’s everything that you need to know why learning Facebook Graph Search is important:


How Useful Facebook Graph Search Would Really be?

Facebook Graph Search is being regarded as a strong weapon by experts as it will help users find their friends and their most relevant data in a really quick way. This tool targets four main areas namely photos, people, places and interests. It is currently available only in the US in English language.

This tool enables people to find other people even when they don’t remember their name, e.g. you had a class fellow ten years back and now you don’t have any contact with him and you are also confused about his full name. You might be thinking that you will never be able to find that person, but it is not the case now. Graph search will help you in this regard and it will help you find the exact person even if you are confused about the name. As it is just in the beta phase, many more improvements and advanced features are expected in the final version!

Graph search is a much bigger tool when compared to the normal existing search on Facebook, as it will allow users a  broader spectrum and will give them accurate results even when they won’t be sure about what they should be looking for e.g. if you search friends in your city, it will show all of your friends that are living in your city.


What About Privacy?

You might be thinking and concerned about the privacy issues associated with this graph search, but this is something Facebook kept in mind from the very start of the development of Facebook Graph Search.

It is not a privacy killing thing and people will see the results based on the search as they would be able to see the things otherwise on Facebook as if they had performed a simple search and looking around for a person and finding the things that the user has exposed to the public.


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