iPad and iPhone Market is Expanding

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 25th, 2019

iPad and iPhone Market is Expanding

Apple has become the third-largest manufacturer in the world of mobile phones. The IDC has compiled a ranking of the most important manufacturers in the world of smartphones. Reading these data we can deduce that the Cupertino company has now won third place. The analysis performed on data from the 2011 sale, showed that a small final push made iPhone 4s the most successful smartphone for the company in Cupertino.

According to the stats smartphones sold by the Cupertino company were about 93 million, allowing the company founded by Steve Jobs to overcome ZTE and LG. The market share of Apple was around 6% in total but, the detailed analysis showed a slice of Apple’s market share to be going up to 8.7% during the last 90 days.

In the first place, we find Nokia. The company is in first place with over 400 million phones sold while Samsung is in second place with 330 million devices.

Nokia has a market share of almost 30% but is in constant decline if one compares the data with previous years, while Samsung (South Korean company) owns approximately 21%.

The Cupertino company therefore still seems far away from our competitors, however, surprisingly Apple currently sells only high-end mobile devices while the other companies that produce cell phones produce a wide range to suit all pockets.

What is the future of this battle with strokes of technology? With Nokia offering a new smartphone, Lumia with a Windows operating system and Samsung close to release the successor of Galaxy S II, the question is what will happen to Apple?

Rumors speak of a forthcoming iPhone. Are they true or is it the usual unfounded news? Unfortunately, to get your answers you will have to wait, only time will tell who will triumph.

We hope that this contest between giants can serve the consumer who can thus enjoy a significant reduction in costs and better supply and quality of products.