IPad 64GB 3G – A Cut Above The Rest

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
iPad 64GB 3G

iPad 64Gb 3g created waves in the industry almost instantly after its launch and it’s not difficult to understand why. While Apple’s original version, the iPad with Wi-Fi had all it takes to woo today’s discerning users, there was scope for a major improvement that would make their sensational tablet computer more user-friendly. With the 3G capability, it was possible to take the iPad on the road quite literally and enhance its utility manifold, just like the iPhone, iPad’s 3G wireless hardware also connects with cell phone towers for advanced communication.


iPad 64GB 3G: What’s new?

For starters, Apple iPad 3g 64Gb is not very dissimilar in features to the iPad with Wi-Fi and also has the same dimensions. It also has the same storage capabilities and not surprisingly the same operating system. The external hardware is almost identical as well including the speakers, external buttons, and microphones and it also comes with the same applications.

However, that’s where the similarities stop as you have different internal software that’s meant for 3g connectivity. The overall cosmetics of the model, and the pricing is obviously different as well, which makes it stand apart from its predecessor.


iPad 64GB 3G: High on Utility

With its 3g connectivity, Apple iPad 3g 64Gb has opened up new possibilities for itself and its users too. There’s a radical change in the utility of the iPad with Wi-Fi as now you can use it in the car to look for road maps or look at menus of different restaurants while on the go.

Look for TV listings and prepare for a nice evening at home or connect with friends via Facebook from practically wherever you are. Working professionals who need to be on the button at all times have also found a great use for it because now they can keep tabs on what’s going on around them or connect with their team via emails irrespective of where they are.


iPad 64GB 3G: For Today’s Users

One of the many reasons that the iPad has become so successful in the market is because of the number of applications you can use with it. The 3g version doesn’t disappoint either, because you can get access to over a hundred thousand applications, and many of them are specially designed for this device.

The sound quality that iPod users are now accustomed to is seen here as well and the visual quality is top notch too. The battery life is outstanding and it’s appealing to today’s users who look for aesthetic and style elements in their devices as much as functionality.

iPad 64Gb 3g has taken the game to its rivals and its attraction amongst users a step further.

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