Introduction to Blogging For Novices

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Introduction to Blogging For Novices

A blog is a form of a website that is generally arranged in sequential order from the most recent posts or entries at the top to the older entries towards the bottom of the main page. A blog is normally but not essentially written by one person. The blogs are written on one particular subject or on a variety of topics related to one subject. These written articles are called posts or entries. Here are a few things that are part of each and every blog:



Archives or records are such posts that do not feature on the main page right or right below the latest posts. These are the posts that were posted a few days or months back. By clicking on the archives you can view the older posts or entries posted by the blog writer.



A blog is like an online diary but still, it is tête-à-tête and not a monologue. The people who read the blog write their thoughts about the posts or entries posted. These are called comments.

By posting your comments, you are giving your feedback to the writer. When you scroll down the blog’s main page, you can find the ‘post comment’ option where you have to fill a small form and give your name and email address before you can post your comment.



You can find some links in a blog, below the posts. If you click on them, you will be directed to a particular website or to the writer’s email address. If the blog is particularly popular, then many people contact the blog owner for posting their links as a source of advertising.

The blog owners agree to post the links that are related to their topic or subject so that their readers can be benefited from the extra information, to make their blog more informative and they can earn money too.

If you like to write and share your views with the public, then blogging is the best way to express yourself. If you can communicate your views properly and have good writing skills, then you have a good chance of being a good blog writer.

You can start your own blog with the help of various software options available these days. Start your own blog and see the response you get for your posts. If your blog content is good and you are providing trustworthy information, then your blog will be a huge success. You need to maintain the quality of your blog and need to be continuous in posting new topics regularly.

Do not change the subject of your blog all of a sudden. It will leave the readers midway of the discussion previously going on and the readers will be confused and may not return to your blog again.

As a blog owner, you will have to spend time moderating the comments written by your readers, answering the questions asked by the readers and you have to be prepared for any criticism that is thrown your way.