Where Will the Biggest Parties in the World be in 2013?


Biggest Parties in the World in 2013

Despite seeing in the New Year only three weeks ago, there is much excitement in various locations around the world as different countries and cultures prepare for a whole range of celebrations throughout 2013. With periodic events such as the Olympic Games and the U.S. Presidential Election absent from the calendar in 2013, attention will turn to the more traditional celebrations that we have grown used to over many years. We looked at the biggest parties in the world that are set to capture world’s imagination throughout 2013.


3. Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year party

On Sunday, February 10 – the Chinese year of the Snake will begin, and will undoubtedly trigger large-scale celebrations across not only China but also the rest of the world. In addition to the traditional festivals and carnivals featuring Chinese dragons and much more, expect to see brilliant light displays and inspirational fireworks in many locations where the occasion will be celebrated.

Chinatown districts in New York City and London are among the best places to check out if you aren’t able to get to China itself, with both putting on a celebration that will remembered for the rest of the year.


2. Fourth of July

Biggest Parties in the Us

America’s national holiday is definitely the country’s proudest, most united moment of the year, and the celebrations are such that the global press almost universally turn their attention to the nation. While we see the glitz and the glamour of fireworks displays and wild street parties in cities such as Miami and Los Angeles, Americans take the opportunity to travel and visit loved ones, or just take a break from the pressures of everyday life.

Fourth of July falling in the middle of summer serves to make it even more exciting, with the weather usually behaving itself so that revelers can party in the streets all day and night.


1. Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival the biggest party in the world

This year, the Rio Carnival coincidentally falls on the same weekend as the Chinese New Year, meaning that during much of the weekend a large proportion of the world’s population will be partying.

Rio attracts millions of revelers both from Brazil and abroad, and is a great place to visit as the southern hemisphere summer begins to turn to autumn. While not quite a no-holds barred extravaganza, Rio certainly pushes the envelope in terms of the demonstrations it has over the weekend, which often culminate in a huge beachfront concert followed by a massive, over the top fireworks demonstration.

This biggest party in the world is also the oldest festival in the world. It is definitely also one of the brightest and most eclectic party in the world, and is certainly an experience to savour.