Top 15 Most Bizarre Modern Day Mysteries


Most Bizarre Modern Day Mysteries

Curiosity is one of the basic ingredients of human nature. From the start of civilization, we question the way, the things are and this leads to experiment and deductions. When it is not satisfied, legends believe that curiosity kills the cat. While the humans survive the mortal danger posed by curiosity most of the times, it does create unsolved modern mysteries which trouble human minds like a stone in shoes. Here are some bizarre modern day mysteries that remind us that we may know a lot, but we still don’t “know it all”:


15. Bigfoot


Bigfoot or Sasquatch is believed to be an ape like creature that lives in forests and has a huge humanoid body. There is no concrete evidence about the existence but there have been claimed multiple sightings and some blurred pictures, all asserting that they have seen the bigfoot. Some people believe this creature to be a survivor from the age of dinosaurs.

In Northwestern Pacific, wildings had a lot of stories about this creature and legends differed from place to place and family to family. All of this said, scientists and Bigfoot believers say that majority of Bigfoot sightings and pictures are a hoax or misidentification of some animal, although the legend prevails with numerous believers even in modern times.


14. Toynbee Tiles

Toynbee Tiles

Toynbee tiles are linoleum plaques appearing on roadways of at least twelve cities of United States, all bearing the little variation of same message, “TOYNBEE IDEA IN MOViE `2001 RESURRECT DEAD ON PLANET JUPITER”.

No one knows the origin of the tiles or the message conveyed by them. The tiles seem to be the work of the same person. New tiles keep appearing every now and then in different places.


13. Baigong Pipes

the modern mystery of Baigong Pipes

Baigong pipes are the pipes found near the Mount Baigong, near the city of Delingha of Qingha province, China. These pipes like features are believed to be totally natural.

The pipes are 2 to 40 cm in diameter comprising of iron oxide, silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and the other 8% of unidentifiable content. How these pipes came into being is still a scientific mystery.


12. The Roanoke Colony

The Roanoke Colony

On the permission of Queen Elizabeth I, in 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh launched an expedition to the Eastern shores of North America, planning to make a permanent English colony there. Two groups were left on the Roanoke Islands to establish their settlement there and Raleigh went back to England. New colonists came and went, trying to befriend some of the tribes, losing some men to the conflicts between tribes.

John White, the leader of the colonists team, returned to England too, but to go back again in August 1590 with reinforcements and a better plan. When he reached the Islands, the settlements were deserted, the tribes gone, without a sign struggle. It remains one of the top ancient mysteries that are still very much unresolved due to the fact that to this day no one knows what happened to the tribes and where they left for.


11. El-Chupacabra


The word Chupacabra means “Suck Goat”. It is the name given to the reported sightings of a creature in Puerto Rico, Mexico and America, having a huge body like that of a bear and scales on the back like that of lizard. Chupacabras are reported to attack livestock, especially goats, sucking their blood, thus giving them the name, goat suckers.

The origin of this creature remains a mystery, although many experts question its very existence. El-Chupacabra has gathered a lot of media and research attention in the last 17 years.


10. Marfa Lights

Marfa Lights unsolved mysteries

Also known as the Marfa ghosts lights, Marfa light refer to the phenomenon of sightings of unexplained lights appearing in Marfa, Texas. The origins of these lights remain obscured and a number of supernatural explanations have been put forward.

Scientific researches tend to disagree and suggest that most of the Marfa Lights, if not all of them, are atmospheric reflections of headlights of vehicles and campfires, although many people believe in supernatural, rather than scientific, explanation about the origin of Marfa Lights.


9. Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia

1947, 22 year old Elizabeth Short was found dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles. The body of Short was cut into two pieces. Mysteriously, Elizabeth Short was given the nick name, Black Dahlia, shortly after her death, which is odd because she was never called by this nick in her life.

Even one of the biggest investigations of LA couldn’t unveil the origin of her nick name or the murderer of the 22 year old beauty.


8. Atlantis

the lost city of atlantis

Atlantis is a legendary (and perhaps mythological) island, first reported in the dialogues of Plato who believed Atlantis to be a huge naval power that conquered many parts of Africa and Western Europe around 9600 BC. After an unsuccessful attempt to invade Athens, Atlantis sank into the ocean in a day and night of misfortune.

Experts disagree on how much Plato’s claims were inspired by the older traditions and the truthfulness of his account of the story about Atlantis. To this day, the remains of the legendary city are yet to be found. The Island of Atlantis has been center to a number of fictional stories.