Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them [Infographic]


Most Asked Job Interview Questions

In order to land up into the career and dream job, all of us have to face the interview process which allows the employer to pick up the most deserving candidate for the post. The process of interview is important for the interviewer as well as the interviewee.  For the interviewer, it is the way of finding the best suited candidate with needed skill sets, qualifications and experience  for the post so that he/she can do the justice to the job profile. The process also enables the interview to meet the candidate in person so as to judge his/her personality and skill sets besides the submitted resume.

For the interviewee, the process of job interview can make or break his/her career. The process allows the candidate to showcase his skill sets to the prospective employer and make him sure of his capabilities for the said post. The process also enables them to meet the interviewer in person and showcase the skills that cannot be mentioned in the resume.

Thus the job interview bridges the gap between the candidate and the employer and helps to select the best deserving candidate for the post. The job interview consists of various types of questions so as to assess the skill sets, qualifications, experience and other details of the candidate. The most asked job interview questions can be broadly categorized into the following types:

  • Questions verifying the credentials of the candidate
  • Questions verifying the educational qualifications of the candidate
  • Behavioral questions
  • Opinion questions
  • Competency questions
  • Case questions
  • Dumb questions
  • Technical questions

Depending upon the job profile, the interview questions are framed for the interview process. Though some questions like the ones related to personal details, educational details and others may be more or less similar to all the posts but the others like technical ones are related to the concerned post.


The Most Asked Job Interview Questions

There are certain questions that can be considered as the most asked interview questions and the candidate while preparing for the interview must be well prepared and ready for these questions and know how to answer them.

One of the most commonly asked job interview question is “Tell me about yourself”. Through this question, the employer wishes to know as to how the candidate presents himself. While answering this question, always make sure that your answer is related to the work details. Unless asked by the panel, do not mention too much of your personal details.  Another most frequently asked interview question is “tell me about your dream job”. In the response to this question, is it always advised to use the phrases that are stereotypes like healthy working environment and others.

While answering the question, in response to “Why did you leave your last job” always give a positive reply and select the words that show your interest towards better job opportunities. Besides these some of the other most asked questions include the following:

  • What is your weakness and strength
  • Why should we hire you
  • What does your co workers say about you
  • Are you a team player
  • What are your ability to work under pressure and others?

So study the most asked job interview questions and know how to answer them in the most effective manner so that you come out with flying colors at your interview. Here’s a cool infographic to help you out:

most asked job interview questions

Infographic courtesy of SampleQuestionnaire.com, who are quite popular for their helpful Questionnaires!