15 Most Unhealthy Foods People Consider Healthy


Unhealthy Foods People Consider Healthy

Owing to cut-throat market competition in food industry phrases like fat-free, healthy, sugar-free etc. can be seen plastered on almost every food package. Be it the effort to give their product an edge over the other or to grab customer attention, these phrase just lead us to incur health and monetary losses. Out of our ignorance or lack of knowledge about foods that are unhealthy we believe each and every word claimed by these companies. But in actual the reality is far more shocking and damaging.

Therefore to unveil the false claims by such companies and give you a reality check, here is the list of top 15 unhealthy foods people consider healthy and consume daily to stay “healthy”:


1. Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

The fact that fat in liquid state is easier to break seems plausible to support the claims of vegetable oil keeping our heart young. Indeed it’s true and besides it comes from plants. So it ought to be healthy, right? Wrong. Liquid or not, fat is difficult for the body to digest and as a result readily accumulates on our thighs and stomach.


2. White bread

white bread

Formed with the combination of flour and water, it contains absolutely no nutrients like minerals, proteins, vitamins etc. Although a lot many of you might be aware of this but still some believe that all types of bread are healthy. Well, white bread is not.


3. Soup Powders

soup powders

Although claimed to be rightful substitute of the natural soup, these packaged soup powders contain high amount of salts along with other preservatives. The excessive consumption of salts can even lead to high blood pressure. The kidneys get loaded and excrete excessive salt which in turn can lead to a heart problem.


4. Ketchup


It is considered healthy because of high quantity of antioxidants. On the contrary it contains an excessive amount of sugar and salt. Besides, these sausages are chemically processed and the levels of antioxidants are much lower than what an actual vegetable contains.


5. Diet Soda

diet soda

Although not a type of food exactly, it can be easy to skip this list. We believe to have saved huge amounts of calories by drinking sugar-free version of soda. But in actual certain research and study claim that drinking diet soda triggers metabolism which compelling us to eat more than usual. In addition, the sweeteners added in it can us to gain weight.


6. Processed Cheese

processed cheese

Though any kind of cheese is unhealthy, yet the processed ones are one step ahead. They contain the highest ratio of salt, which surpasses the daily intake ratio even by mere consumption of 2 to 3 slices.


7. Roasted Peanuts

roasted peanuts

Nuts are usually healthy with the right proportions of minerals, vitamins and fibers. But the roasted peanuts are an exception. With high quantity of salts and fattening oil, they are as unhealthy as any other fried food.


8. Fat-Free Salad Dressings

fat free salad dressings

The fat free salad dressings contain reduced amount of fats but high sugar content. The sweeteners added to emulate the sugary taste triggers the metabolism, thus increasing our food cravings.