15 Interesting Facts About Family Guy


15 Interesting Facts About Family Guy

Humor, laughs, cutaway gags, you name it and Family Guy has it. The most notorious family from Quahog, Rhode Island stands out as one of the most loved – and quite frankly, hated too – animated characters of all time. On the air since 1999 and cancelled twice, Family Guy still lives up to the hype of adult comedy. The following list chronicles some of the most interesting facts about Family Guy:


15. Family Guy is Based on Larry & Steve

Family Guy is Based on Larry & Steve

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While studying in Rhode Island School of Design, Seth MacFarlane came up with a short animated movie as his thesis film called Larry & Steve revolving around a middle-aged man Larry and his intellectual dog, Steve. It later on motivated him into creating Family Guy.

Apart from Larry and Steve serving as an inspiration for the characters of Peter Griffin and his dog Brian Griffin, respectively, there are several other similarities between the two shows such as the involvement of a large chinned pilot and a housewife named Lois.


14. The Opening Theme Pays Homage to All In The Family

The Opening Theme Pays Homage to All In The Family

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The show itself is not the only one inspired from another show. Apparently, so is its opening theme. Peter and Lois Griffin playing the piano mirrors the very same opening as shown in the CBS sitcom from the 1970s, All in the Family.

Furthermore, Family Guy jokingly mocks their opening theme song “Those Were the Days” as well with the Griffin family singing the lyrics, “But where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely?”


13. Almost Every Episode Has Two Versions

Secret Facts About Family Guy

You must have noticed that the adult content in modern seasons of Family Guy has significantly been minimized over the course of years. That is because there are two versions of almost every recent episode – one being the old-fashioned surreal humor way and the other being suitable for television.

The motivation behind this decision was to sell DVDs of the seasons as much as possible since they contain the dirtier versions of the episodes with edgier comedy, longer length and bonus scenes while the cleaner versions air on television to avoid censorship and becoming suitable for a mainstream audience.


12. Family Guy is Banned in Ten Countries

 Family Guy is Banned in Ten Countries

It is no secret that due to Family Guy going too far on more than a dozen occasions, facing criticism has become just another Tuesday for the production team. Surprisingly, that still not has stopped the show from gaining a massive cult following.

So far, it has been cancelled in South Africa, Taiwan, China, Egypt, Iran, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and South Korea. Due to its anti-Semitic nature, mocking of religions, offensive jokes highlighting racism and ethnic stereotypes, it will not be a surprise of Family Guy gets banned in a few more countries.


11. It Takes $2 Million to Make One Episode

It Takes $2 Million to Make One Episode

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, MacFarlane revealed that it takes about $2 million on the overall development of one episode of Family Guy.

Moreover, he also revealed that it takes $1 million per episode of American Dad, another one of MacFarlane’s animated shows.


10. Family Guy Was Cancelled and Saved by Cartoon Network

family guy and cartoon network

The ratings were not always sky-high for Family Guy especially during its initial stages when it had to compete against Friends and Survivor. The final nail to the coffin occurred when its ratings declined further when Fox frequently changed its schedule without notice and the show was cancelled.

However, its reruns started to air late night at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, gaining a large fan base that resulted in the sales of its previous seasons DVDs and then-recently released movie Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story going through the roof. Fox realized their mistake and revived the show.


9. Creator Seth MacFarlane Confirmed Stewie Being Gay

Creator Seth MacFarlane Confirmed Stewie Being Gay

For the sake of comedy, baby Stewie Griffin’s unclear sexuality has often been a source of laughs and recurring jokes. Though the character has shown to be attracted towards women on several occasions, creator Seth MacFarlane has made up his mind on his sexuality staying ambiguous.

However, MacFarlane revealed to Playboy that a script was written for an episode in which Stewie finally comes out following a harassment he took from some children at school. The plans were dismissed and his sexuality has remained vague.


8. Bonnie Swanson Was Pregnant For Seven Years

Bonnie Swanson Was Pregnant For Seven Years

The laws of reality obviously do not apply in the cartoon world but Family Guy took the cake by having Bonnie Swanson pregnant since day one.

As her pregnancy seldom got her involved in comedic scenarios, it was assumed that she will remain that way through the entire series. But in the seventh season, she finally gave birth to a daughter.