10 Potentially Devastating Public Health Threats [Infographic]


Potentially Devastating Public Health Threats

Public health threats have an impact on stability, trade, tourism and civil services, either directly or indirectly. These complex and daunting public health threats are the consequences of human behavior, climate change, natural catastrophes, infectious diseases and more often man-made disasters, such as terror attacks. Over the centuries, we’ve been taking actions to prevent these health threats, or respond to them through efforts to reduce their effects. These battles have been continuing from ages and are still coming, sometimes with greater impact.

Science made huge progress in the fight against infectious diseases, but still diseases like tuberculosis, polio and smallpox make a devastating comeback again and again. Influenza, the so-called flu, is caused by a virus that mutates frequently. The virulent strain of the virus spreads rapidly around the world, affecting masses.

Human action has also added much to these public health threats, whether deliberate or not. Large-scale insecticide spraying campaigns, widespread and incorrect use of antibiotics and widespread use of nuclear energy, call for effective security measures. Warfare, not only leads to the death of people but also destroys the health care systems making large populations vulnerable to infectious diseases.

In recent decades, terrorist activities have gained a lot of momentum, leading to an increased expenditure on security. The use of bio-weapons, such as Anthrax etc, has become one of the biggest threats to mankind. Strong and effective measures need to be taken to fight back terrorism and the dangerous weapons.

Every year natural calamities also lead to death of thousands of people, causing massive destruction of property and economy. These natural processes include floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and other natural disasters.

With the rapid growth in population, the possibility of a major public health threat becomes more frightful and dreadful. In such chronic conditions, the support, coordination and immediate action of the healthcare professionals and population health authorities become obligatory. They should identify the route cause, research and then come out of the best practices to eradicate these devastating public health threats.

The infographic embedded below describes ten of the most troubling public threats on the horizon, the prevention and the treatment.

public health threats infographic

Infographic courtesy: BestPublicHealthSchools.org