Interesting And Useful Theater Related Apps For Your IPhone

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

Theatre Related Apps for Your iPhone

Do you think that there is more to theater than stage track, theater drapes, and singing and dancing actors? If you do, if you are a real theater enthusiast, and if you by any chance love your iPhone, you will probably be interested in finding out all there is to know about theater-related iPhone apps. In this day and age, almost everybody uses a cell phone, and most of the people who use cell phones use them for much more than merely talking and texting.

So, this is why apps of all kinds are very popular. There is an iPhone app for nearly everything that comes to your mind – whether you want to find out if there is a great park near you, where to get great pizza, or even when the next big Broadways show is – there will always be an iPhone app to help you with anything you want to accomplish.


We Will Rock You (Update: App No Longer Available)

If you are a fan of Queen, as well as musicals in general, you will love this app. It is actually a fun little game, and it will be fun even if you haven’t seen the Queen’s musical yet.


Theater Ninjas

This is a great app if you would like to receive offers of last-minute deals on tickets for your favorite shows. Originally designed for the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it is still in use and has proven to be very popular among theatergoers.


Theater Glossary

Do you often feel overwhelmed with all the theater specific lingo, such as stage track, or leg bracket for instance? Well, get this app and never be surprised by any theater-related term again!


Broadway Tube

Interested in checking out your favorite Broadway videos on the iPhone? Broadway Tube is the perfect app for enjoying videos from your favorite plays no matter where you are.


At The Booth

A great app that will give you an insight into what is going on at the TKTS® booth, meaning which tickets can be found at what prices, discounts, and so forth. You can also find links to show reviews, links to full price tickets, and even an indicator of how long the ticket line is at any time during the day.



This app is your perfect guide to the London theater, as it will offer you a chance to find out where you can see which play in all of London, as well as a ton of more info, such as the directions to the theater in question, play reviews, special offers, etc.



Want to be able to correctly quote one of the greatest playwrights ever? This app will enable you to do this, as it features Shakespeare’s 40 plays, all the sonnets, as well as six of his poems.

Aside from the above mentioned iPhone apps for theater lovers, there are some more. However, the truth is that there probably aren’t enough of them, and it is safe to say that theater related iPhone apps will only grow bigger in number as time passes by.

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