Inception: Movie Review

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Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Leonardo Dicaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Michael Caine.

Runtime: 2 hr 28 min.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Suspense

Theatrical Release: Jul 16, 2010, World Wide

US Box Office: $142.9M



Leonardo Dicaprio “Dom cobb” is a thief who swipes out Intellectual property. He attains expertise in “extraction” a process in which he utilizes a process known as “shared dreaming” to enter the mind of the mark while they are sleeping and steals information directly from their subconscious.

Dom plays a reluctant criminal who is forced underground after the authorities charge him of murdering his wife.

Mal “Marion Cotillard” who is fed up of his fugitive lifestyle and trying to be reunited with his two children, agrees to take on a very dangerous assignment from Saito “Ken Watanabe“, who pledges to clear his name if he can convince the heir of a rival energy conglomerate(A company that consists of a grouping of businesses from unrelated streams), Robert Fischer “Cillian Murphy” to dissolve his ailing father’s empire after he dies.

The danger of the job is that instead of extracting the idea from Fischer’s brain. Dom needs to perform a process that is ” INCEPTION”.


Inception Movie

The special effects in Inception serve the story, rather than the other way around – which is a rare occurrence these days when the emphasis seems to be on providing viewers with visual amusement park rides. In Inception, we are presented with cities where streets defy gravity by arching overhead and massive cliffs that collapse into the sea. There is a point to everything, most often to illustrate how dreams distort the commonplace into something that defies the natural laws.

Inception is a colossal piece of work, not only as a storytelling marvel but also as a technical achievement. It’s so rare these days that we, the moviegoers, get to experience something wholly original. Just don’t miss it for anything as it has got everything you would be expecting from it.