How to Use Ping Services in WordPress

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 20th, 2019

wordpress ping services

The popular CMS WordPress, has a very useful built-in feature called as Update Services which allows you to automatically ping a number of search engines, blog directories and social media sites whenever your blog gets updated with a post. In case if you are not familiar with the word ‘ping’ then you would be quite satisfied to know that it is nothing but a way in which various central servers can be notified about the update of your blog so that their crawlers can index the URL of your new post.

By default WordPress has only one service listed in its Update Services section which is Although it is a reliable service that notifies a number of  sites about your new content but it is not sufficient. There are a number of other services that need to be pinged. Moreover its far better to ping some services directly so that your content gets indexed quickly.

Here is a brief list of various services which we are using at Chillopedia. All you have to do is to copy this list and paste it under WordPress Dashboard>>Settings->Writing->Update Services.

wordpress ping services

This will improve the indexing time required for your blog’s post on various services and will attract bot traffic on your blog.

List of Ping Services For WordPress:

Do not worry if you witness some services being mentioned more than once below as they will be pinged only once!