How to Use Google Plus: A Beginner’s Guide

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

Waiting for Google Plus Invite? Wait for a few days and you will get it. Google + surely made an impact on the social platforms. Everybody wants a change. We have been playing with the Google plus’s interface and there are alot of things to like about Google Plus.

Unlike the former big fail of Google in an effort to introduce a social platform ‘Google Wave’, this one looks more promising. People from Friendster, Friendfeed, Facebook, MySpace generally know how a social platform looks like and act. Plus at its core is not much  different, yet there is so much more.

How do you get started with Google Plus? Dont worry we will get you started. We’ve spent some time going through the current key features to give you a “crash course” in Google +. Let’s break down the nuts and bolts.

 Create Your Circles:

The first thing to do is set up your circles. At first glance, they might seem similar to the contact adding the feature of Facebook but they differ in categorization. Basically circles are the ways to categorize your contacts into groups. You can make separate circles for friends, family, and colleagues, then at the same time, you can add one person in all the circles. These circles are really useful and simple to make. You can post different things in different circles.


 The Stream and  Sparks:

Once you have set up your circles, go back to the Home screen to see the result. You will notice different choices of streams below your profile. You can view your entire stream at once like Facebook or by a particular circle. On the left side, you can click on “stream” to view all the comments and updates from all the circles or you can click on any one particular circle to get the comments and updates. Just below the streams are the “sparks”. It displays the things you are interested in. This is basically a personalized content feed into your stream, you tell “Sparks” what you are “in to” and they will send you stuff (videos, content etc) that’s relevant to you.

Posting a status is not like Facebook or Twitter. When you hit the share button you have the option to decide where to share, that is, in which circles, from individual groups to all circles, to extended circles, or just a single person.



Photos in Plus are relatively self-explanatory. If you own an android phone then there is an app that directly loads the photos from mobile to your Plus account and makes it a private album, you can decide when to share it and with whom. This is a prime differentiator from Facebook where all of your photos are visible to all of your friends by default (you can change who can view certain photos in Facebook preferences). You can also pick an individual to share photos instead of an entire circle.


Some Shortcuts:

Here are some Google + shortcuts that might be handy:

J                     = Scroll Down

K                     = Scroll Up

@Username       = Links to the user

“text”               = Makes the text inside the commas bold

_text_              = Makes the text italics between the underscore