How To Use Controversial Tweets For Ultimate Blog Popularity

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 3rd, 2023
How to Use Controversial Tweets for Ultimate Blog Popularity

You have a good social life and you want to share things about it with people but, hey, Twitter is more than that. You can use Twitter to promote your website and blog quite effectively. Do what the stars do. Create controversies in the offered 140-character space and drum up interest, the main word here is “Controversies”. They will be discussed and read and re-read. With so many people reading your controversial tweets, you will become more visible. The first thing to do before you start a controversy is to gain followers and follow other people. Let’s discuss how to use controversial tweets for ultimate blog popularity in detail:


Search For People You Know

For newcomers, it is not possible to get followers quickly and so, search for people whom you know and who are on Twitter. Through them, you can reach out to other people who have similar likes and interests.

Your quality of followers should be good. For now, just forget the quantity. That will come later.


Follow Talkative People

You would start with status updates or send links that you find interesting and are sure to be of interest to other people. Start having Tweet conversations with your followers.

To start talking, check out the person’s profile and choose one that has a lot of replies. Such people love to talk on Twitter.


Unclutter Twitter

You may love to post videos and links but make sure that you keep Twitter uncluttered. Initially, you will follow a lot of people but after a month, if the person does not follow you still, unfollow him and clean up your space.

Before you unfollow the person, give him one last chance. Go to his profile and reply to one of his tweets.

If he bothers to reply, then continue following him, but if not, then quickly unfollow. When other people follow you, give a quick response. View their profile and if you find it of interest, then follow them back.


Follow People With Faces

Almost all celebrities are visible on Twitter but when you are looking for people with faces to follow, then remember that it must be someone other than a celebrity. You are using Twitter for your blog and following a celebrity is not going to help you. Find someone with the right profile and a photograph.

Now that you have followers, use them to your advantage. Start a controversial tweet, something that will make people talk. It may be your contrary opinion about a popular product or your opinion about the government.

Whatever the tweet, it should be of general interest. Your followers should reply to it and then you should give your response. Let more and more people join the controversy until it snowballs.

Your goal may be to start a controversial tweet, but you need to pick on a good topic that will help your blog. For example, if your blog is about cooking, then you can tweet about how harmful traditional cooking is to health. Many people will come out in support of traditional cooking and some will support you.

This will lead people to view your profile and reach your blog helping you achieve your traffic goals.

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