How To Travel Around The World For Free (Almost)

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 2nd, 2023
How to Travel Around the World for Free

How exciting would it be to achieve this once-in-a-lifetime dream without spending too much on it? It may be a cliché, but it’s true – the best things in life are free. Here we share how to travel around the world for free (almost):


Travel as a Volunteer

Your local rotary club, Lions club, religious ministries, charities, and other non-government organisations (NGOs) can help you fulfil your dream of going around the world. These organisations usually need many volunteers to carry out their advocacies, and you’re one of the many whom they seek.

Not only will you be able to have accommodations and flights for free, but also help those who are in need. In addition, these organisations often provide pocket money and allowances for their volunteers as well as perform fundraising projects frequently, so don’t worry about buying souvenirs and helping other people once you become a volunteer.


Swap Your House

If you own a house, then consider yourself one lucky traveller. Swapping your house with another house owned by another traveller living in a different city, state, or country where you want to travel is such a brilliant idea. Hotel staying isn’t any better than house swapping because with this strategy you won’t just save money, but also experience being at home while living in another place.

Yes, there are risks in doing this, but preparing your house for house-swapping through the tips and guidelines you can easily browse on the Web will surely eliminate your fears. One of these is performing a background check on the other party.

Owners like you can advertise your property at various websites such as and You may opt to simply rent out your home to earn money while you’re busy going around the world like a boss. Other equipment is needed to support your travel journey such as a portable travel wheelchair, this wheelchair will be great for those who are in need of extra support on their travelling journeys, the impairment does not stop people from travelling. Travelling is great fun and having the right device will make it easier and more accessible to travel and enjoy your life to the max!


Go House-Sitting

So you’re saying you don’t own a house and just renting out a small apartment or still living at your parent’s home. Don’t fret, this isn’t a big hindrance to travel around the world at all. Consider house-sitting to travel to different countries.

You may visit a variety of websites such as, and and look for great opportunities to house-sit.

By running simple errands, walking a pet, mowing the backyard and doing simple household church, you’ll be able to enjoy free accommodation in various countries around the globe.


Save on Transportation Fees

Travelling here and there would cost a lot when you have to ride various modes of transportation. In this case, why not go hitchhiking or carpooling?

There are parts of the world where hitchhiking is part of their lifestyle, such as Cuba, but there are also countries where it isn’t ideal, such as countries with high crime rates related to this activity.

In short, you must be careful about where to hitchhike or carpool. Carpooling is a safer choice because you can meet with people in advance, both in online travel forums and in a public place.

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