How to Sell Old Stuff Easily on

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019


If you have observed an old item that you feel will no longer be beneficial whatsoever and have planned to throw it away, think again. You may not know this but the world is full of people who are just waiting for your old things to be given to them. This very fact can be an inspiration as the thought of throwing away goods can be changed into cash by making a free classified ad to sell them online. One of the most popular websites for classified ads is, which is a very good start for selling your old stuff online (especially old mobile phones).


The Basics

Here are a few basic tips for posting a free classified ad on for selling an old item at a good price:


The Price

The trick of selling an old item online is the price itself. It should be attractive and a reasonable amount. An unreasonably high price quickly scares off an interested customer and it might convince the customer to search other places for a similar classified ad.


The Title

While putting the old item for auction online, the most important part of the process is naming your ad. This is the twenty-first century and the much-clichéd words like ‘For Sale’ and ‘Buy’ are far too old to amuse or grasp anyone’s attention.

Considering the fact that the item is an old one, we can find ourselves at an advantage speaking from a vocabulary point of view as words like ‘Rare’, ‘Unique’, ‘Limited’ and even ‘Once in a Lifetime’ can be utilized to make the viewer feel that the offer is not going to last for long and if the necessary moves are not performed, a loss can be faced.


The Description

When it comes to the description part of the item, our first priority should be telling the exact and specific details about the item that should neglect the possible shortcomings of the item and focus upon the uniqueness and the benefits. However, the description should be honest and to the point, there is no need to go into unnecessary details. The description should also not be full of hard vocabulary as not many of the online customers find it appealing. The vocabulary should express, not impress.

Another important step in selling an old item online is to excite the customers by explaining the benefits and employing the long tenure of usage of the item by telling about your own experiences and how well the item worked over the years. 


The Image

Keep in mind that your classified is not at all a bigger deal than any other classified ad on the internet and as most of the visitors simply scan a page and don’t even bother to read the description, images play a vital role in getting their attention.

Therefore, take a lot of pictures from a good camera from different angles and choose the best ones for the ad that can manage to connect the audience and make them want to purchase your old item.