How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

How To Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection

Has your Wi-Fi ever been hacked by someone? Do you think that your neighbors are using the internet through your Wi-Fi connection? Well, in both cases your Wi-Fi is being hacked and this thing really pisses off the owner of the connection because not only his speed gets compromised but also has to pay the charges of what he/she has not even surfed!

Another adverse effect of Wi-Fi is that if hackers crack it and use it to do illegal things, then the Wi-Fi connection owner is sentenced. Sentenced for the crime which he/she might have not even done, so what to do now? Well, the last thing you can do to prevent such situations, makes your Wi-Fi connection secure. Here are some things which you must do to make your Wi-Fi connection secured.


Change The Routers’ Login Details

Well, this is the foremost thing that one must do to secure his/her Wi-Fi connection. The default login details for every router are username admin and password admin, these credentials are not the same in all the cases but in maximum cases they are so. Change the credentials from the settings tab.

Now, if hackers get access to your router, they will find it hard to log in. There are tools, which search for online IP addresses and then all the online IP’s routers are vulnerable to being hacked. So change the credentials as soon as possible.


Use WPA Instead Of WEP

There are two ways of securing your Wi-Fi connection password, one is using WPA(Wi-Fi Protected Access) password encryption while another one is using WEP (Wired Equivalency Privacy). The WEP encrypted passwords are amazingly easy to crack using the right tools. While it’s really hard to crack the WPA password.

Nowadays, a better version of WPA is also available, it’s also called WPA2. Try using WPA2 but if you can’t use WPA, never use WEP.


Don’t Broadcast SSID

All the routers are coded to broadcast their SSID (Service Set Identifier) name and they keep doing so until they are not manually tweaked. Hiding the SSID name cannot do a lot but something is always better than nothing.

If your SSID name will be hidden, your neighbors and people in your Wi-Fi signal won’t be able to catch the SSID and hence won’t be able to connect to it but don’t rely on it completely as using certain tools, SSID names can be shown.


Enable Mac Address Filtration

This is the best thing to secure your Wi-Fi connection. Every device, be it a computer, phone or tablet, has a unique MAC address. You make use of that MAC address to secure your Wi-Fi connection.

You can add up the MAC addresses of the devices you want to connect to Wi-Fi connection in Wi-Fi settings and this way only devices with the MAC addresses you have entered can connect to the internet using your Wi-Fi connection.


Reduce The Signal Range

I connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection. But when I started I was a noob in securing my Wi-Fi. Consequently, my neighbors started using my internet and I had to pay the rent of things I didn’t even surf.

The first thing, I did to secure my Wi-Fi was reducing my Wi-Fi signal range. If you want to reduce your Wi-Fi signal range, you can reduce the power of transmitting WLAN.