How To Remove “Yeah!! It Happens On Live Television” Spam From Facebook

POSTED BY Sherjeel, UPDATED ON April 4th, 2023
How to Remove Yeah It Happens On Live Television Spam

You might be noticing spam with a video titled “Yeah!! It Happens On Live Television” appearing on your wall or more precisely on your timeline again and again and you might be wondering what are your friends actually posting. Then out of curiosity you too might have at least clicked on it once. This is a virus or so-called spam with a partially nude picture, which gets posted with your name to all of your friends if you click on it. Here we take a look at how to remove “Yeah!! It Happens On Live Television” spam from Facebook:

The spammer has cleverly succeeded in posting the usernames in the post which appear in your timeline. This further enforces you to think that the video is actually a valid post that has been posted by your friend since it directly provides the name with an urge to watch the video.


How This Spam Works

Firstly clicking on the link will spam your friend’s wall with the link with your name and then it will send you to a page that is quite similar to the one given here.

After that, it will ask you to install an extension in Chrome or if you are using Firefox then it will ask you to install some plugin for the video, and if you still proceed then, in the end, the page might simply get refreshed or a lame video might be played leading you to be annoyed that the intended video was not a real one.


How To Stop/Remove This Spam


For Firefox Users

Step 1: The first step should be to open the browser > Click on Options > Select Add-ons Or Press Ctrl+Shift+A

Step 2: Click the Remove button beside Youtube Extension or anything like it.

Step 3: Reopen the browser after doing this


For Chrome Users

Step 1: Open Browser > Click on Spanner Icon (settings) > Tools > Extensions

Step 2: Click on the Remove button beside Extension Youtube

After completing the above steps just make sure you should delete all the existing cookies and caches of the browsers.


Prevention of Spam posts on Timeline/Wall

First of all, you should not click on this sort of link or video instead report them as spam. Until the spam has been taken care of properly it is suggested that everyone should disable the option where others can make posts on the timeline. To block this facility for all those in the friend list, follow the instructions given below:

Open Privacy settings > How you connect > Who can post on your timeline > Change it to “Only Me”

Hopefully, this will help you in protecting from spam attacks on Facebook which have become quite frequent. And next time, please avoid clicking any such thing.


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    If I’ll Change the Settings to “only me” ..So our Friends cannot Share anything on My Prof ? Rply Plzz

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