How to Protect Personal Data When Surfing The Web

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 13th, 2019

How to Protect Personal Data

Today in the age of information, online privacy is one of the most desired demands of an online user. Although some top names in the world such as Google and Facebook vow to improve user experience via tracking user activities and location, the majority of the world is convinced that all privacy breaching features should be OPT-IN rather than being OPT-OUT ones. In order to protect your data and surf online without any fear of being tracked, VPN is the most feasible option in existence for an individual as well as an organization.

It is always better to purchase a VPN than to opt for a free VPN service. Free VPN providers typically outsource their service to third parties. They cannot guarantee a fast, reliable or secure connection.


What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (or VPN) is an essential tool for online security.  It forms a secure tunnel from your computer to the VPN server. This prevents the websites you visit from seeing your location and it prevents your Internet Service Provider from seeing what websites you visit.


How a VPN Works

Users connecting with VPNs are given a new IP address from the VPN server location. The new address masks their physical location. This allows users from around the world to browse the Internet as if they are located wherever their VPN provider maintains servers. All Internet traffic is encrypted between the user and the VPN provider ensuring privacy online.


Choosing a Paid VPN Over Free VPN services

Users opting for VPN services should buy a VPN rather than use free services. Providers giving free VPN services offer limited features and poor performance.

When users purchase a VPN service, they are offered a wide range of benefits such as high speed, prompt customer service, high security and more. When users buy a VPN, they are much more likely to get a fast and reliable VPN connection.


Advantages of a Paid VPN

Paid VPN services are advantageous compared to free services for several reasons. When you purchase a VPN from a well-known provider, you can get unlimited access. A reputable provider will have servers in multiple countries and can offer unlimited server switching.

Free VPN providers only offer slow connections. Reputable paid VPN services provide multiple VPN protocols. When users buy a VPN, they get a high level of online security. Paid VPN providers encrypt online activity and unblock restricted websites.


Essential Features of a Paid VPN

When users buy a VPN, they should carefully consider the following factors:

  • Users should ensure that the VPN provider is not hosted by a third party or outsourced from some other service.
  • Users should always ensure that the VPN provider delivers fast speeds, no matter where the users are located.
  • Users should see that their provider maintains a large number of IP addresses at each server location.
  • Users should have confidence that the customer service of the paid VPN provider will be prompt and available 24/7 throughout the year.