How To Make Your Blog Using WordPress

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON September 24th, 2011
So here is the tutorial for all those people who are beginners and want to start their blog with the most convenient blogging tool wordpress.
Following simple steps will guide you people through the method to follow for creating your own blog using wordpress:
1) You can make your blog on sites like wordpress or blogspot etc but if you want to start you own blog then first step is to buy a domain and hosting
You can buy your domain and hosting from any recommended hosting service,google search will gives you tons of options for that.
PAKSERVERS are one of the sellers.
*[i will refer to domain name or website name by the word “domain” in the tutorial].
2) When you buy a domain from someone, they give you a user name and password.go to “”
and enter the username and password given to you.
A page like this will openup.
In the softwares/services tag is “FANTASTICO DE LUXE”,click on it
3) Now the following page will open,in this page on the left is the option “WORDPRESS”…click on wordpress
And now on this page shown down ,click install wordpress
Fill in the information in the form and you are done.Make your desired password and username in this page(this username and password you will be using from now onwards for doing posts on your blog and all other things)
So n0w wordpress is installed on your can open your blog now( you will see a wordpress theme on it.
4) Now close this and open “”
Following page will open
Enter the username and password that you gave in STEP 3 and u will get logged on
Now a page like this will openup
On the left side bar you can notice posts and appearance and a little below that you will find plugins(not in the pic though)
5) One of the first steps that you do with your blog is to select a theme for it.
There are a huge number of theme you can find by clicking on the “THEMES” tab just below “APPERANCE” on the left side bar.
You can also upload any theme,a lot of websites provide free or paid wordpress themes.
6) After a theme is selected you can start posting on it.
Go to “ADD NEW” under “POSTS” in the left side bar to post.
A page like this will open up.
At the place of title write the title of the post and under description write the details of your post and click publish on the right side.
Your post will appear on the blog,you can go to your blog now and see the post.
7) INSTALL and activate necessary plugins like GOOGLE XML SITEMAP and SEO,will be writing about them in detail soon.
There is a lot more to know about blogging and i will soon write more tutorials about it.