How To Make The Most Out Of Online Shopping On Black Friday

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 16th, 2023
How to Make the Most Out of Online Shopping on Black Friday

Retailers and customers alike love Black Friday. Stuff is cheaper to buy, and retailers can reap the rewards of high sales volumes. But it’s also a bit mind-boggling; with promotions only available for (in most cases) the day itself, the rush to find great deals on Black Friday can leave you with just a few too many sites to browse. Use these tips to formulate a strategy for maximizing the time available to you, and then you can be much more targeted in how you shop online. Here we detail how to make the most out of online shopping on Black Friday:


Be at the Front of the Queue

Getting to the store early can make all the difference between successfully gaining a reduced-price purchase and having to pre-order an item full-price.

The best deals go to early birds – something that’s as true online as it is in-store – especially if you’re looking for premium or stock-limited goods, like new smartphones.


Go Direct to the Manufacturer

Retailers aren’t the only ones who cut prices on Black Friday. Checking out a manufacturer’s webpage can also save you serious money by cutting out the overheads associated with supplying your product to a particular physical store.

Check out, for example, these Black Friday laptop deals on the Lenovo website. If you’re in the market for new technology, going direct to the source is one of the best ways to save cash.


Don’t Forget Your Mobile Phone

Fashion and clothing retailers are making the most of the boom in mobile e-commerce. Why are these guys in particular? Because mobile telephones are the perfect shape to showcase garments tastefully in portrait orientation.

Last year, a few such retailers tested the waters with mobile-only coupons and vouchers, and this Black Friday is set to be no different.


Keep Those Receipts

If you’ve recently bought a returnable product – especially if it’s a pricey bit of technology – check the length of your return period with the vendor. There’s a chance that the price of the laptop you picked up two weeks ago has been slashed by 20 percent on Black Friday only.

You’re well within your statutory rights as a customer to demand a refund and resale of the same product at the new, lower price. Remember to back up your data first, though – granting your request may necessitate booting up a brand-new product.


Check Your E-mail

If you’ve shopped online recently, picked a tasteful product, added it to your cart, and then later decided you didn’t want to go through with your purchase, get ready to receive re-targeting ads. These are e-mails sent to customers who’ve browsed and perhaps picked products but didn’t buy for any number of reasons.

If this is you, check your inbox on the morning of November 23rd: you may find some almost-purchases are back with the luster of a slashed price tag.

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