How To Make An IPhone App Without Touching IOS SDK

POSTED BY Rajkumar Jonnala, UPDATED ON April 10th, 2023
How to Make an iPhone App Without Touching iOS SDK

iPhone app-building applications are great if you wish to make your own iPhone app without using the iOS SDK. Every day the world is changing and there are plenty of situations and contexts in which novel iPhone apps can be created. Many ways are available by which you can achieve this. You do not have to be restricted by the fact that you are not aware of the iOS SDK or that the programming is totally unknown to you. You can convey your idea to an expert group and see your creative idea get translated into reality. Depending on the option you choose, you might have to pay an upfront fee, optionally if your iPhone app results in a huge commercial success, you might choose to share the profits generated. Without delaying any further, here’s how to make an iPhone app without touching iOS SDK.


Sweb Apps

Sweb Apps is an online software wherein you can use templates that can be customized with formatting and functionality features available. You can build menus, directories, and news feeds, and has secured online transactions with PayPal, without having to use the iOS SDK.

This involves a single development fee to have your basic app running on one platform. For an additional fee, your app can run on iOS as well as Android. Also available are App Tracker analytics to assess the popularity of your app.



Another option available for creating an iPhone app is to make use of MobiOne. This is the Windows web developer application. You have to only pay the fee for the emulation software program.

MobiOne Studio helps to create cross-platform apps in a short span of time and you do not have to come up with even a single piece of code. Your apps can be designed and tested and you can download a free trial version to check out the features.


App Incubator

App Incubator is a really terrific way of translating your bright iPhone ideas into real apps.  Here you can share a description of your proposed app and the intended user group.

The whole process is simple and transparent and you are involved in refining and developing your idea from start to finish. Of course, you must be prepared to wait for a week before you receive feedback on your proposed iPhone app idea.

The delay is because there is a stream of ideas for iPhone apps that are pitched in on a daily basis and it takes some time to objectively evaluate them and select the best. There is a storyboard template that can be downloaded to better express your idea. Your iPhone app idea is evaluated in terms of its commercial potential, application, and creativity.

What’s more is that you do not have to spend any money upfront, and you receive 25% off every download! You can edit your ideas and make further revisions if you come up with something brighter in the course of the thinking process.



Creating iPhone apps without iOS SDK is a rewarding way to make the best use of your problem-solving skills and creativity. The potential of iPhone apps and games is tremendous and as new apps are launched into the market regularly, there is enough excitement and competition in the market to keep it interesting for all entrants, as long as they have a really good iPhone app idea in their mind.

Translating that idea into reality does not call for any special iOS SDK skills because now there are many options available, using which you can see your iPhone app idea being converted into reality with the collaborative efforts of many others. So let your talented mind spill out some great iPhone app ideas and turn them into a commercial success.

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