How to Jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Untethered 5.0.1 On Windows Using CLI

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019


Yes, you can now Jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 On Windows Using CLI and by the way it’s untethered. For those of you who do not know, yesterday, as a result of the great effort by the Chronic Dev team, Pod2g and iPhone Dev team the untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Greenpois0n Absinthe was made public, but unfortunately, that was only for the MAC users. Moments earlier the iPhone DevTeam has also launched their tools for the Jailbreak and the good news is that these tools are for Windows and Mac OS both but only in the CLI (Command-line version) for the expert jailbreak hackers. Though this CLI version may freak out the newbies but still, its worth the waiting.

As this tool is CLI based so obviously it would be a tough nut to crack, there can be a slight chance that you can mess up things, if you do not know what you are doing do not try it.  At the moment you have two options, wait until Absinthe for Windows is released or read the rest of the post.

So, you are still reading, it seems that you are willing to take the risk. Make sure you backup everything in iTunes.  We have compiled a step by step tutorial with all the commands and tricks which you may need in jailbreaking your device with this CLI version. Follow them carefully.


How To Jailbreak iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Untethered 5.0.1 On Windows Using CLI


Step 1: 

Download CLI 0.4.3 for Windows and unzip the package in the root directory, where Windows is installed, most likely your “C” drive.


Step 2:

Open Start write “cmd.exe” (without quotes) and press enter.


Step 4:

Now type  “CD C:cinject_0.4.3”  (without quotes) in cmd and press enter.



Step 5:

Now type “cinject.exe -i payloads/jailbreak.mobileconfig” (without quotes) in cmd and press enter.


Step 6:

Approve Install request on your device. Next > Next > Finish, no need to enter the password.


Step 7:

Now type “cinject.exe -j payloads” (without quotes) in cmd and press enter and wait for backup.


Step 8:

Now type “cinject.exe -w”  (without quotes) in cmd and press enter.


Step 9:

Now run Absinthe app from the device Home screen of your device. If you get an error related to establishing database connection then launch on your device and turn on VPN settings.


That’s all, if you followed the procedure correctly then you might now be having a Jailbroken iPhone 4S. If you have any problem understanding the procedure please leave a comment below and we will be really obliged to help you out.