How to Increase Facebook Fans

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2014

how to increase facebook fans

Facebook is the best way by which you can reach out millions of people and it can even help you out in marketing purpose. For the marketing purpose you need to create a Facebook fan page and the second thing is how to get fans on this Facebook page. This is the one big question so, in this article we will explain you some of the ways to get or increase your  Facebook  fans.

First and the foremost thing you need to do is to embed Facebook fan page to your website. You can easily get the code of this Facebook fan box from the Facebook developer page by simply copying the link of your Facebook fan page. After you get the code paste it in your website where you want it to display.

The other effective way for getting fans on to your Facebook page is by tagging your page in to your updates. You can tag your page by simply writing name of your fan page after @ symbol like @xyz.

To make your page interactive you need to regularly update your business pages with good content. Try to analyze human nature and put those contents that could force the people to share your content by themselves. In this way you can gain much of your fans within no time.

There is another way which is not the preferred way but still you can do this in the newly stage of your page. Try to exchange likes with the owners of the other pages. In this way you can gain some links by yourself.

If you have some money to spend then why not to try Facebook ads. You can spend some money in Facebook ads to gain followers to your page. This is quiet effective way of gaining likes for your Facebook fan page very quickly an efficiently.

Engage with your friends on a topic and include in it as many friends as u can and try to drive the conversation so that you can put up the link of your Facebook page this strategy can drive traffic to your page and could get you some likes.

Adding signatures in your mail can also help you out, you can leave signature as like us on Facebook.

Images speak thousands of words so do share images on your page to gain some more likes.

These were some of the basic but effective way for gaining fans for your Facebook page. So don’t leave any chance where you can share link of your Facebook page. Go gain some fan following to your brand.