How to Harness the Power of Live Blogging at Your Event

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Power of Live Blogging

Some may think they need the latest technology – flashy computers and virtual fireworks – to create an event with impact. In truth all you may need is decent Wi-Fi and bloggers keen to talk about your event. Wondering how will the humble blog and internet connection help your event? The answer is simple, by live blogging.

It’s something that we’re seeing more and more of. From catwalks to conferences, bloggers are giving us the inside scoop on the biggest and best events, by updating their blogs throughout.

It won’t necessarily work for everyone – the more exclusive the event, the more expensive or the more elusive the tickets the more likely you are to create a stir. That said, it’s so simple that every can give it a try.


Why Should you Encourage Live Blogging at Your Event?

There will always be people who will miss out on an event – whether because they couldn’t afford the expense or simply due to a calendar clash. Using live blogging you can make a permanent record of the day.

This could help you when it comes to reporting on the outcomes of an event to senior management. You ensure that your event can have an effect on more people than could actually attend.

Looking to the future, you can create an appetite for the next event as people will know exactly what they missed out on. This may help to persuade other team members that it is worth repeating the experience. And if nothing else you have a publicity tool to use when promoting your company. There are always new bloggers who are interested in writing about your event. You might even find that helping new bloggers get on their feet by showing them how to start a blog of their own could be helpful publicity tool.


So How do you go About Live Blogging?

First of all you need to make sure that your company website is up and running. An online presence is a necessity for businesses in today’s markets. If you’re new to the game and thinking of setting up a new website or an online veteran simply redesigning your current output, then you might have heard about the debate between squarespace vs wordpress. No matter what side you fall on, your website needs to look professional and eye catching, so don’t be afraid to reach out to web design experts if you need further support and guidance.

Depending on the nature of the event, you may find that you need to do very little to ensure that people get live blogging at your event. If you’re running a huge technology conference or the launch party for a highly anticipated product, you may find it’s harder to stop people live blogging than to get them started.

On a practical level though the single most important thing for you to provide is an efficient Wi-Fi connection. Depending on the size, scope and nature of the event you may need to ensure this can handle use by hundreds or even thousands of users. If you want to get attendees uploading videos and images remember the Wi-Fi connection may need to handle large amounts of data. 

Live blogging may mean getting users tweeting from the event, or you might want to see more formal blog posts about the event. For maximum impact you may even want to try both.

If you’re just looking to get the Twitterati buzzing, create a unique, memorable and ideally short hashtag. Promote this in all your marketing materials. Get your internal team to use the hashtag in their tweets and encourage others to get involved.

You may want to reach out to a specific Twitter user in advance of the event, offering them tickets to your event in exchange for tweeting at, before and after the event using the hashtag. You may find that this approach is also useful if you’re hoping for longer blog posts.

Remember that if you approach an individual outside of your company you will need to relinquish control on the live blogging. In return for this trust, assuming you have chosen an influential blogger, you will have the benefit of exposure to all their followers. This tends to be a better option when you’re hoping to gain publicity through your live blogging.

Alternatively you could choose to create your own live blog, in which case you will need to assign the task of updating the blog to someone from your team. If your primary purpose in having a live blogger is to create a permanent record of the day, this approach means that you can get exactly what you need from the blog.

Live blogging can take your events to the next level, so why not get involved and see how it could help you?