How To Get Rid Of New Facebook Chat

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 28th, 2019

Facebook, now and then introduces new features to comfort its users but, this time, unfortunately, Facebook has disappointed most of its users by introducing an awful update to the chat feature. Most of the users including me are really pissed. This new Facebook chat takes all of the space on your screen by showing all of your friends. You all might be interested in knowing how to get rid of this screen scraper and get back to the old chat.

Some of you might think that this will hide the sidebar, it is to inform you that this will NOT hide the sidebar. It will fix your chat back to the original one.  We are here to deliver you a simple way to do that. Follow the simple steps below and get rid of the new Facebook chat.


Mozilla Firefox Users

1. First, install this add-on. To install click on the button as highlighted in the image below.


2. Then install this script. To install click on the button as highlighted in the image below.

3. Now just restart your browser to get back your old Facebook chat.


Having Problems?

Some Users with Firefox 5 have experienced issues while installing the add on. If you are facing any problem trying to install the ‘add on’ then scroll this add on page to the bottom and click on the “add to Firefox” button as shown in the image below after that follow the second step mentioned above.


Chrome Users

1. Just install this script and restart your browser to view changes.


As for the Internet Explorer user, we will soon post the way for you too, so stay tuned.