How To Access YouTube In Pakistan With Hotspot Shield

POSTED BY Naseema Perveen, UPDATED ON March 17th, 2023
How to Access YouTube in Pakistan With Hotspot Shield

If you are an internet junkie and you happen to be in Pakistan then you are surely familiar with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and its notorious internet censorship policies. Apart from the ridiculous recent ban on and the long-standing ban on YouTube, PTA makes sure every now and then that you are denied access to the online content you wish for.


Access YouTube in Pakistan With Hotspot Shield

Today, let us introduce to you the awesome Hotspot Shield which is by far the best option to get unrestricted and secured anonymous access to the web. It has a very nice user-friendly interface and it’s really efficient in doing what it does best – bypass online censorship.

The best part about Hotspot Shield is that you don’t have to use any video streaming proxies for using YouTube or any other similar video streaming website. With several million downloads by Pakistani users, this product is also free from technical issues.


It’s Free and User-Friendly

Thanks to AnchorFree, apart from the main premium featured app, there is also an excellent free version of Hotspot Shield available for users. It is already very popular amongst Pakistani users thanks to its small size and ease of use.

The free version not only allows you to access all the blocked websites, but it also secures your browsing session from any possible cyberspies and also allows you to spoof your IP for any selected location.

Once the installation is complete Hotspot Shield appears as a green icon in the taskbar when active and turns red when you aren’t using it to connect to the internet.

As you click on the shield, a window pops up which shows the status of your connection either it is “Protected” or “Unprotected”. It does not have bandwidth restrictions on the users; however, the information on this window will be useful to you. Along with all the information given it also provides you with the statistics of data received.


Hotspot Shield Elite  – As Low As Rs 50 Per Device Per Month!

The premium version of Hotspot Shield Elite has some really handy features such as Malware Protection Plus (that detects and blocks all malware), dedicated elite support, ad-free browsing, and a dedicated elite network that has 100% faster browsing. If you purchase the year’s subscription it costs Rs 2,999 while a monthly subscription costs Rs. 500. You can also upgrade your monthly subscription to the yearly one at any time you wish. You can make your payment through any of the several possible payment methods like PayPal or debit/credit cards, MOL, and your mobile phone.

If you are already using the free version, you don’t even need to reboot or re-install the app after upgrading to the premium version. To activate the premium features you just have to enter the unique code that is provided to you once you upgrade.

The best part about the premium version? You can buy a subscription and then share it amongst 5 devices! This means you can share your subscription with friends or family members. So buying a year’s subscription for your family means it only costs Rs. 50 per month for every connected device.

(Tip: buy a year’s subscription with 4 other friends and share the cost. Each of you will only pay Rs. 600 each for an entire year’s worth of access to YouTube and other blocked websites.) 


Free Hotspot Shield Download

Download Hotspot Shield for PC and Mac in seconds, turn on protection mode, and enjoy unlimited access to YouTube and all other blocked websites.

Hotspot Shield is also available on iOS and Android.


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