How Playstation Mobile Can Revolutionize Mobile Gaming

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 24th, 2023
How Playstation Mobile Can Revolutionize Mobile Gaming

First announced by Sony as PlayStation Suite in 2011, the now aptly named Playstation Mobile is set to launch this fall as the company’s cross-platform gaming service that will provide apps to a range of Sony mobile devices, as well as other Android tablets and smartphones. PlayStation Mobile will allow owners of non-Sony devices to download apps and games after they secure a PlayStation certification. Here we take a brief look at how PlayStation Mobile can revolutionize mobile gaming:

Among the first brands to confirm support for PlayStation Mobile include HTC, WikiPad, and Asus Android tablets (specifically the Transformer Pad). It goes without saying that other devices to be part of Playstation Mobile are Playstation Vita, Xperia smartphones, and the Sony Tablet P.

Sony has also assured that 56 third-party developers and publishers in Japan and Europe have already signed up for PlayStation Mobile and 29 more from the United States. However, there is no information available on the specific games or developers that are gearing up for PS Mobile. The Playstation Mobile Development Program will include the official version of the Playstation Mobile SDK which will cost US$99 annually for the license agreement.

To be able to take on iOS, which already enjoys fanfare thanks to the variety of games at its disposal, at this point means offering more than just the same type of games currently available for Android devices. It has also been hinted that the line-up will include several older Playstation games, but exclude those from the PS One classics.

According to Sony, users will be allowed to connect to PlayStation Mobile with their Playstation Network ID, and the purchase of apps or games for one device can also be used on other Playstation Mobile-certified devices (hurray!).

Though no specific date has been given for the launch, it was announced that the service would be available initially to 9 countries, namely, Japan, the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia. More countries are expected to follow soon.

At launch this fall, users will be able to enjoy 30 games from third-party developers from different genres such as sports, puzzles, action, and adventure. Sony’s aim is to deliver the PlayStation experience to a wider range of users worldwide.

Once again we can see tech giants joining forces to take on Apple in a niche it has dominated for the past years. Will Sony’s famous Playstation brand give Android the push it needs to finally catch up with iOS?

There is no doubt that Playstation games are a notch higher than those of iOS and Android and PlayStation Mobile has all that it needs to bring a revolutionary change in mobile gaming. It begs the question though – can PlayStation Mobile developers bring these games to Android tablets at the same level of gaming experience? Some things are easier said than done. Let’s wait and see then.

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