How Much Did Australia Invest in its 2012 Olympics Team [Infographic]

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How Much Did Australia Invest in its 2012 Olympics Team

Newsflash has it that the Government of Australia has spent $297 million over the past three years, in preparation for the London Olympics. And in return for this gigantic amount spent, the 2012 Australian olympics team went home with thirty five medals and a spot in the list of top ten Olympic teams. That’s quite a bottler, isn’t it?

But what if you’re told that the $297 million spent was off the taxpayers’ pockets? Still feels amazing? A segmentation of the whole amount will help all of us get a better grasp of the enormity of the amount. Just 25% of $297 million would suffice to help 44, 258 Australian individuals and 29,073 Australian families.

Here’s how- $185,000 to the Peter Hughes Foundation means that about 2000 Australians who have been victims of burns and their families receive support for treatment. 25% of $297 million also means that about 18,000 individuals suffering from social, emotional or learning difficulties gain access to relief aids like specialist schools, child care, community support, early childhood intervention, specialized kindergarten, and proper training through Bestchance. $185, 000 is the amount that The Smith Family needs to help about 21, 000 children gain access to better education projects and thus ensure brighter futures. Through $185, 000, Habitat for Humanity can help around 900 people from the low-income groups and victims of natural disasters rebuild their lives.

While the Olympics exemplifies the true essence of qualities like team-spirit, generosity, humility, dedication towards a greater good- something that exceeds even beyond the self, has it become possible that the lure of medals has outshone the love for the greater good?

How Much Australia Invested on its Olympics Team