How iPad Is Changing Education

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 6th, 2019

This truly is an age of information technology and the iPad is doing its best to prove it one way or the other. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of the world-famous and much successful company Apple, would have been really proud if he was alive today by seeing how multi-purpose and multi-tasking his product is, particularly in helping the youth in their educational matters.

One small-scale study conducted at Riverside indicated that Algebra students who used iPads tested at 90% proficiency, as compared to their traditional textbook counterparts who scored 60%.

Education is a big responsibility and what’s a better way than overcoming it by the use of the latest gadgets during such an advanced time of technology. The iPad may be just two years old but it definitely lives up to its hype. It is becoming quite popular among the educational class.

The iPad has taken the educational field in the palm of its hands, or the touch screen for that matter, and reshaped the world into a global village with a common goal – study by the iPad. Whether it’s Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint or any other Microsoft office file, the iPad is now becoming notorious for its consistent usage by teenagers and surprisingly even a large population of adults too, for their educational field.

With the launch of iBooks in the market, the use of the iPad catapulted itself sky high and it looks like that this fancy gadget is here to stay for a long time to make its mark in the educational field. In a way, Apple has indirectly revolutionized the educational system in rather a more positive and acceptable way for the overall society.

It’s certainly not a surprise to know that several educational districts wasted little time in launching their own pilot programs for the usage of iPads in the classrooms. Steve Jobs would have been proud indeed.