How do Brits Feel About Hosting Olympics? [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

How do Brits Feel About Hosting Olympics

London is the first city to ever host the Olympics on three separate occasions. But despite being veteran Olympic organizers (or perhaps because of it), UK natives have some strong opinions when it comes to the social, economic, and political repercussions of holding such an enormous international event in their own backyard.

To find out exactly what those opinions are, Policy Expert surveyed Brits from all around the country to gauge their feelings about everything from the impact they expect the Games to have on local business to their concerns over public safety.

Do Londoners think their city is prepared to handle the hordes of international visitors?  And how difficult was it to secure tickets to London 2012’s top events? The results Policy Expert found may surprise you.

Britishers hate hosting Olympics