How Can Your IPhone Help You Get To Sleep?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
How Can Your iPhone Help You Get To Sleep?

The iPhone is like no gadget we’ve ever seen before. Far from being simply a device to telephone people, it’s also a camera, an internet browser, and a vessel that holds a multitude of apps from helping us stick to a healthy lifestyle to reading books or playing games. Did you ever wonder if your iPhone could help you get to sleep? Whilst the use of technology at bedtime has in the past been frowned upon by sleep experts, the iPhone boasts a number of sleep apps that aid sleep. A good night’s sleep can improve memory, our metabolism, and even our immune systems. For many people, it’s thanks to the iPhone they are able to improve these aspects of their life by using sleep apps.


Relax Melodies

This app provides a white noise ambiance and as well as being useful for sleep it can also be used in yoga or meditation. With over 5 million users Relax Melodies is highly rated on Apple’s app store. The app features 46 serene sounds such as seaside, underwater, or the sounds of a waterfall.


White Noise

In much the same vein, as Relax Melodies, White Noise is an app that features the relaxing sounds of nature. These sounds create a sense of relaxation and hone in on our primeval ancestry. Users rate this app very highly and many also recommend it as a good way to get your children and babies to sleep.


Relax With Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson is a celebrated clinical hypnotherapist who already has a line of self-help CDs and books. His calming voice aids users to sleep by helping them de-stress and unclutter their minds. Andrew Johnson helps users rid themselves of bad habits which can have negative impacts on sleep.


Sleep Machine

The title of this app says it all and this may be one reason it has become the number one paid medical app in many countries including the US and the UK. This app provides the user with a host of useful features as well as 100 ambient music and sounds of nature options. Features include the chance to combine your iPod music with the sounds.

It also provides a number of beautiful images and wallpapers to accompany the sounds. ‘Sleep’ also offers a number of lullabies to help your children drift off. For those concerned about leaving it on all night, the useful Night Timers feature a fade-out option to lead you to a silent night right through till morning.

These apps are a great way to train you to better sleep. They should be used in conjunction with leading a healthy lifestyle which also helps aid sleep. Avoid caffeine or cigarettes before bed as these are stimulants. Try to eat a healthy balanced diet as well, as poor nutrition is known to affect sleep.

Keep your bedroom as clean and tidy as possible as this will help unclutter your mind. It’s no wonder the iPhone is such a revolutionary product when it can offer the user so much. For many owners, the iPhone is an indispensable item that influences every moment of their life, right through to when they are sleeping!

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