How Can You Direct More Relevant Traffic to Your Blog?

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON December 14th, 2015

direct more relevant traffic to your blog

Bringing in sustained traffic to your blog is one the most difficult and most important things for an online publisher. Given the growing competition in almost every genre, it is becoming harder and harder for bloggers to attract traffic to their posts. Here today we have some good piece of tips to share with blog owners on how can you direct more relevant traffic to your blog:


Building a Blog Following

As any blogger will tell you, building a loyal and regular following takes a great deal of time and effort. While there are ways to generate blog traffic quickly, if the aim of your blog is to introduce people and businesses to your product with the aim of making a sale then you need to be selective about how you go about it.

Think about how are you going to develop a blog followership of people who will eventually entrust their hard earned money onto you, rather than just a load of people who will log on but are ultimately worthless?


Keep a Clear Focus

This is the most basic idea and common sense, really, when thought about. The more specific your blog, the more likely you are to pick up followers and fans that are interested in your product. So, if you own a website or a business selling homemade jam, for example, blogging about which brand of football boots your son wants for his birthday is not likely to attract any of the attention you want.

With that in mind, try and keep the blog as business focused as possible. Yes, talk about your personal experiences by all means, if they are related to the product.

If your content is random and rambling it can go one of two ways. You will either see no-one coming back, or everyone will come back but no-one will convert from a browser to a customer.


Use Relevant Promotion Strategies

Let us stress that this does not in any way, shape, or form mean that you should start massaging your own ego through your blog. Rather, use your business and individual social networking feeds as a means of directing further relevant traffic to your blog.

This means using relevant hashtags or choosing where your post is featured. A LinkedIn group is often a great way to build up a blog following, and is also an excellent method for pretty much guaranteeing yourself some degree of feedback.

You can also submit your posts to networks like where members and moderators approve your post after vigorous review and your posts depending their quality get featured on the main page giving you hoards of free relevant traffic.

There are also some good traffic exchange networks (that are also safe to use with Adsense) such as MGID and Scribol that can give you plenty of free relevant traffic (once you get accepted in their network) by promoting your blog posts on their network with some attractive teaser posts (that their creative teams create themselves).

Guest posting is another proven way through which you can win some new loyal visitors for your blog.


Optimize but Don’t Cram!

Carry out a small amount of keyword research so that you know what people looking for your product are looking for. If your blog is built into your website, then you would probably have already carried out some SEO and this will be easy. If not, use a simple keyword research tool such as Google Analytics.

Remember only to use keywords if they flow into your text naturally. Even if you go keyword heavy with the best of intentions, it is likely to see you labeled a spammer.