HitTail Review: The Best Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool

POSTED BY NK, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

HitTail Review

With the world of SEO being bombarded by various new SEO tools each week, it is really difficult to find a tool that actually can make any difference in fetching more traffic to a website. During our own quest for finding a genuine SEO tool that can help bring in more traffic we came across something really unique that stands out from the rest of the clutter with distinction. HitTail.com is a powerful genuine SEO analytics online tool that allows you to grow your organic traffic safely and quite easily. Lets take a brief look on how HitTail exactly works:




Frequently Asked Questions About HitTail

HitTail has been active now for 5 years but certain publishers and SEO firms are still not aware of the great features that the service offers. Here today we have tried to answer a number of frequently asked questions regarding HitTail:




How HitTail Works?

The functionality of HitTail is quite straight forward, it analyzes the inbound keywords of your site and suggests you long tail keywords for which you can rank within the top 10 positions in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) right away. This in-turn gives you posts ideas that you are guaranteed to rank for.

How HitTail Works

HitTail also provides an additional pretty cool benefit to publishers in the post Panda and post Penguin world, as it allows you to improve your authority in a particular niche. Its keyword suggestions are semantically related so when you publish more semantically related articles, your authority in your niche improves in the eye of search engine bots (specially Google which loves semantically related content after the Panda update).

hittail keyword suggestions


What Are Long Tail Keywords and Why Are They Important?

Long tail keywords are those keywords that consist of three or more words. The longer the keyword, the lower is the targeted traffic but better is the chance of ranking high for it in SERPs and higher is the chance of conversion (affiliate marketing).

Long Tail keywords

Given the fact that most (above 70%) of the searches on a search engine comprise of long tail keywords, for sustained organic traffic focusing on long tail keywords is really essential. Most of the top sites in the world get a fair share of sustained organic traffic through long tail keywords.

long tail keyword traffic


How to Use HitTail?

As soon as you set up HitTail on your site (by using any of the relevant HitTail plugin), HitTail starts analyzing your inbound long tail keywords stream in real time and starts suggesting you one new long tail keyword for every 25-125 new visits to your website.


HitTail Features Overview

The interface of HitTail is quite user friendly and divided into simple tabs each of which is explained below:



hittail suggestions tab

This is the main tab which shows the long tail keyword suggestions along with specific search engines in which the long tail keywords can rank within the top ten positions in SERPs easily. There is also an option to order the article at a rate of 19$ per 400 words which HitTail will deliver within 2-3 days.


To Do

hittail to do list

For keeping things organized, clicking on any suggested keyword moves it to “To do” list. This list is used for storing the selected keywords which you want to focus in your future articles.


My HitTail

my hittail

This tab shows your top long tail keywords suggestions in real time and gives you an overview of all of your your incoming keywords. It also shows you how much of your incoming keywords consist of long tail keywords and what percentage of your traffic consists of your top ten keywords.



hittail keywords

This tab shows all of the incoming keywords of your site and marks the keywords that have already been suggested. This tab is really useful for a manual in-depth analysis of your incoming keywords profile.


Search Hits

This tab shows Referrer path of all the incoming keywords in real time which is really unique and helpful as it gives you a birds eye view of your entire incoming traffic.



hit tail articles

This tab gives an overview about the status of all the ordered articles; the ones that are in progress and the ones that are ready to go live.


HitTail Review: Final Word

HitTail is a solid SEO tool that allows you to grow your organic traffic steadily. It also solidifies your niche by broadening your range of topics. We at Chillopedia ourselves love Hittail and are experiencing great results. We highly recommend HitTail.




HitTail Rating

????? (5/5)


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