Health Apps To Keep You On Track

POSTED BY Felicia Baratz-Savage, UPDATED ON February 24th, 2023
Health Apps to Keep You on Track

Technology is the gift that keeps on giving. A generation ago, we never could have dreamed of owning devices like iPads, movement trackers, and heart monitors, all of which can be used to help us improve our health each day. A number of years back, we didn’t have choices like these. Additionally, with smartphones, we have apps designed to help us stay as healthy as possible. From record-keeping to information about disorders, health-related apps can be downloaded and used to keep track of important health information. Even though these apps are very helpful, it’s advised that you also have a health plan in place and see your doctor at least once a year for a full check-up. Here are some really awesome health apps to keep you on track whether you own an iDevice or an Android phone:


My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a great all-purpose app that will help you keep tabs on your dietary intake. It creates a calorie goal based on the information you enter, including your desire to gain, lose or maintain weight. As you enter the foods you eat and the exercises you perform, My Fitness Pal lets you know how you’re doing.

It’s not just about weight, either; if you’re consuming too much fat or too much protein, My Fitness Pal will alert you. It’s a great way to get a picture of your overall health on a daily basis. This app is also available on Blackberry and Windows phones.



While My Fitness Pal is great for tracking food, it’s a bit lacking in the workout department. That’s where JEFIT comes in handy. It’s a comprehensive workout tracker that tracks your daily workouts and analyzes them in conjunction with the goals you set.

The app tracks virtually everything about your workout and your overall strength, including your one-rep maximums, your total volume lifted, and your performance in standard benchmark exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.


HealthTap Express

If you’ve ever searched for information about a given ailment, you know it’s hard to trust some of the information available on the Internet. It’s usually either unreliable or downright scary. HealthTap Express takes care of that by putting you in touch with a physician who will answer your question with no strings attached – no co-pays or follow-up visits to worry about.

With HealthTap Express, you can get the peace of mind you’re looking for, on the go, without driving yourself batty in the process.


Specialized Apps

While the apps listed above can be used by everybody, the true beauty of smartphones is that people can download apps that are just for them. Here is a sample of apps that appeal to unique segments of the health and fitness market:

  • Run Keeper (run tracking software)
  • Period Diary (menstrual cycle tracker; iPhone/iPad only)
  • Baby Connect (infant feeding/diaper tracker)
  • Glucose Buddy (diabetic glucose tracker; iPhone/iPad only)
  • Skin Scan (analyzes skin disorders; iPhone/iPad only)
  • My Quit Coach (smoking cessation assistance; iPhone only)
  • Pocket Yoga (yoga coaching)

Apps are no longer just for entertainment or to improve productivity – they’re also useful for monitoring and improving your health. Technology is available to help you live an amazing and healthy life and these apps are here to get you started.

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