Head Into Battle With The Next Generation Of PC Accessories

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 6th, 2023
Head into Battle with the Next Generation of PC Accessories

Gone are the days of fuzzy graphics and slow response times as you desperately tried to keep your hospital up and running, or the fun and excitement that you enjoyed as you built your own theme park whilst putting up with dysfunctional programming; technology has advanced in abundance and PC gaming has now taken on a new level.

With popular game franchises like Call of Duty and Fifa being released on the PC, more and more gamers are opting to turn on their computers and create a gaming experience like no other. Whilst choosing the right game is vitally important, as you don’t want to end up running a farm when you were under the impression that you bought the latest shoot-em-up, so too is ensuring you have the right gaming accessories, as these will help provide you with that total game experience.

Having a PC without the right gaming accessories is like buying a new car without wheels; it’s no use to anyone and you won’t get the joy from it that you should!

If you’re a keen gamer, there’s good news, as there is a whole market out there committed to creating products that will improve your skills, and by choosing the latest, state-of-the-art accessories, you’ll instantly give yourself the creative edge against anyone you play!

So, it’s time to gear up and enter a new world with these top PC accessories, as we take the next step into the evolution of gaming with the latest generation of top products.


Cyborg V5 Gaming Keyboard

Cyborg V5 Gaming Keyboard

An essential part of any gaming gear should be a keyboard; just like a rocket launch pad, hit the right keys and you’ll be destroying things, however, the wrong one and you’ll be the one being destroyed!

The Cyborg V5 keyboard has been created with the keen gamer in mind; it has backlit illumination which will be perfect if you’re an enthusiast who enjoys gaming long into the night matched with the stealth red color, you can banish that diet of carrots.


Cyborg R.A.T 9 Wireless Mouse

Cyborg R.A.T 9 Wireless Mouse

Behind every computer, there’s a reliable mouse, and with this, it’s important that you make sure every click counts by choosing the right one; an easy choice when faced with the Cyborg!

This will provide you with a gaming experience like no other. It is understandable that when you’re playing for long periods of time, you need equipment that will provide you with the ultimate in comfort, and with the adjustable thumb panel, finger grips, and palm rests, the Cyborg R.A.T 9 wireless mouse is the perfect for all-around customization. 


Cyborg Glide 7 PC Gaming Surface

Cyborg Glide 7 PC Gaming Surface

Whilst having the right gear is vital for your gaming experience, so too is playing in the right place, and with the Cyborg Glide 7 PC gaming surface, you can ensure that you’re aim is always where you want it to be.

It’s been created in an XXL size so there’ll be no worry of you dropping off the edge as you’re in the midst of a battle, and with the low friction synthetic fabric, the movement of your mouse as it glides across this surface will be as smooth as smooth can be.

Whilst these accessories should feature in any gamer’s collection, it’s always important to ensure you have a vast selection of caffeine-rich snacks handy too, especially when playing for longer periods of time!

With the range of jaw-dropping customizable features available on PC gaming accessories, you’ve got so much choice no matter what type of gamer you are; who says you can’t blow things up in style?

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