Happy 82nd Birthday Mickey Mouse

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 13th, 2019

Happy 82nd Birthday Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is arguably the most famous of the Disney cartoon characters, and on Thursday the 18th is the celebration of Mickey’s 82nd birthday.

Mickey Mouse made his debut in “Steamboat Willie” at the Colony Theater in New York.

Mickey and Steamboat Willie helped give birth to an empire. Every single famous, infamous, and historic conquest by Disney in the last eight decades would not be possible without Mickey. The mouse has become one of the top iconic symbols in entertainment and business history in America, all in only 82 years.

Originally, Mickey was voiced by Walt Disney himself. Later, those duties were assumed by Jim Macdonald and today Wayne Allwine provides Mickey’s distinctive voice.

Although he is 82, Mickey Mouse’s birthday still leaves him in pretty good shape. Since he is a cartoon and can’t age Mickey is currently the main character in the Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney series and is still the master of ceremonies in Disney World and all the other Disney parks, and he is currently getting set for another busy holiday season.